West Sjde Story 2021

The Stephen Spielberg’s re-make has been on UK release for a few days now. Its even found its way into my local cinema in SW London.
Its a must see for me and that’s a big deal for someone who is by no means a film buff. However its the story and all that goes with this piece which I find almost impossibe to pidgeon hole.
Which brings me to my question. Has anyone on the forum been to see it and what was their opinion?
For me, any recent repeat viewing is a guide to real quality.

I heard some excerpts on EPOS (Elaine Paige On Sunday, not the speakers), and I think it has promise. It was one of my mums favourites and consequently I know it rather well.

Seen it and loved every second from the start to the finish. Exceeded expectations hugely. Just go :slight_smile:

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