Wet record cleaning brush recommendation please?

My Okki Nokki goats hair brush needs replacing as its a getting a little gnarly now, so i’m looking for a replacement. Options?

I also have the Clearaudio Pure Groove felt pad, and on balance my preferred brush / pad now, using the Pure Groove for washing and the goats hair brush for the rinse pass.

Just thought I’d quiz the forum bods before I order some more Clearaudio felts to make sure I’ve not missed anything obvious.

What are you folks using?

I’ve been using the Tonar Wetgoat with my Project VCS for the past 2 years. I use one for washing and a separate one for rinsing. They’re about £15 on the river site. They work really well and they’re good value. I’ve cleaned about 1000 albums with them and still going strong!

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When I’m not using my VPI wet cleaner I use this brush from Roksan. One of the best I’ve used.image

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What a great name - “Wetgoat”! Thanks for the recommendation. The wooden brush that came with my own VC-S was great right up until one of the group of bristles fell out…

Yes my Project one is on its last legs! I use it to spread a little distilled water on the lp then vacuum it off before using Wetgoat 1 to scrub. Wetgoat 2 is used to rinse with distilled water

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Fabulous, thanks for the recommendation. I like the Wet Goat wash brush! A good price on The River too.

I’m certainly going to order some more Clearaudio felt strips for the Puregroove, which I’ll probably solely use for cleaning fluid application as its ergonomically very nice to use for pushing the liquid into the grooves, and feels so much smoother than the standard OK brush.

Also, may be of interest to others, I found a thread on another forum where a contributor recommended using microfibre painting pads. Apparently they use very similar fine toothed fibres on the painting face of these pads to the likes of Mobile Fidelity / Clearaudio’s brush pads, so will also investigate good quality artists version of these too.

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