We've gone to America by mistake

Actually it was planned, but Bruce Robinson was 75 the other day.

Having floated around here for over a decade (getting progressively less floaty, chaps) I knew that people had moved Naim things ‘Stateside’ successfully. Voltage blah.

So, rather than let it go, I sent my trusty old SU ahead of me. Today my new GuruQ10s and Standpoints arrived. See pic. I became very excited but still not too floaty.

I’ll plug it in I thought. Oh no, I thought, microseconds later. No voltage switch.


It appears I need a Naim dealer to re-wire the transformer for the SU to work here. Is that materially correct? Is this expensive and time consuming under the current clime?

Should I simply attempt to PX it for a US market Nova?

Please send thoughts/knowledge/solutions

A warm punnet of over-ripe thankings.

We are in Devon, PA. I’ve tried a Devon Naim stockist who has replied saying they cannot help.

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Ideally the voltage should have been changed at the factory before sending the SU to the US. However, Focal Naim America should be able to do it for you. Best give them a call.


Thanks, Richard. Yet again, in the hour of need, your fingers twitch helpfully towards the pliant, mesmerised keys.


You can contact focal Naim America, they may be able to help. They just replaced the screen in my NDX, very responsive, good communication, quick turnaround. I have inquired regarding other costs for DR upgrade, recap etc. They responded quickly with estimate and instructions.

They will send you an email with specific instructions on shipping, labeling, printing out forms, etc.

They notify you when the tech receives your equipment, send you a quote with option to pay, and done!!! 2 weeks for a turn around for me. I had to ship to New York, so closer for you than me in the south. Sending email seems to be preferred method and easy.


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Very kind, Scott. I shall now burden them with the fruits of my ignorance.

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I watched a PSaudio video the other day that suggested that Americans often call in an electrician to put in a 220V system - effectively joining two 110V phases together. May be a cheaper option




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This scares me but I’m sure would work perfectly well.

I got the impression it was all above board and legit.

The plugs here also scare me. I am wonderfully easily scared. STOPTHATIMMEDIATELY!

Would a US PowerLine be useful? It gave a nice lift in the UK to the Unitis and my combi global travel adaptor ™ was most recently employed on my wife’s hair straighteners and it has “do not use if product requires an earth” written on it in a worrying, serif font.


You may want to check out AV Options they do NAIM repairs as well as sell Naim products. They also sell AC products. A search on ‘avoptions’ will lead you to the site…


A quick search found this
Most of the plugs in the states are 3 pronged and do have a ground, the older 2 pronged plugs are still around and work but lack the safety feature of a ground plug in case one of the wires comes loose or something

So it looks like the lack of earth may have been addressed now, but best to talk to people out there. You may find that items like UK hair dryers may run at half speed in the USA, even if they are uk/usa compliant

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What a gem of a thread, @Donkeyhaute :partying_face:

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Helpfully our house contains both, and wonders. Neither within two metres of the SU.

“What has three prongs in the morning, two prongs in the afternoon and one prong in the evening?” (Mark Twain Phases)

My fork, as I attack a written history of American domestic electrical engineering which I otherwise enjoyed.

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In the USA it is easy to run a dedicated mains for stereo. Just find a local electrician.

Power lines work well with the US grid and sound great, you may see less of a dirty grid here in the US compared to the EU that some folks complain about.

Chris West at avoptions is an ex Naim employee and he has a business partner, both which are fantastic service and sales people, but the wait list for a DR, recap or both is usually 3-6 months wait. You pay up front, get you mr kit on the waiting list, and they contact you when your name comes up, like a long wait for a seat at a good restaurant. I have had 2 recaps done by them, maybe a voltage conversion is quicker, not sure though.

While you waiting for the electrician to finish, head out and get a philly cheese steak hoagie, and enjoy!!



Might I suggest that marvel of 20th century technology, the extension lead? Or, if you’re buying a new IEC lead, just get a long one. Either way you should use an earthed socket for correct grounding as well as for the safety earth.

In your position I think I would have sold the SU in the UK and bought another (or a Nova) in the US but as it’s too late for that, hopefully you can bypass your unco-operative dealer and get yours converted without too much trouble.

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I support all and any of your suggestions, young Chris! Your extension lead point seems to have cut to the quick of the length issue with a customary and elegant adroitness.

I shall find out how long it takes to adapt the SU, or, as you correctly suggest, simply buy a Nova.

This looks very useful. Thank you.

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I bought a UK NAP 200 and had it converted to 110 years ago. It may have been Chris, mentioned above

That said the work was great but the wait was long. The cost was not high. Trying to decipher what you are facing my guess is that you are asking is it worth it. If you have the original superuniti I gotta think no. Just buy a new 110 amp in the US.

I’d send it to Av Options and let them convert it to 110. And you can get a proper power strip from them as well.