WH Phantom

Can I ask how long ago you ordered them Iver ?

Hi @Elfer I ordered around May 10th so a month from now. I did ask for an update twice and all the time got a proper answer
What country are you?


Thanks Iver.

I’m in Andorra and ordered XLR/DIN for my 300 on 24th April. I sent a couple of reminders and received a couple of shipping dates, both of which came and went without comment. I think they are snowed under and that makes me worry about QC. I previously had to return Phantom (at my cost) due to quality issues, which they resolved promptly. Such a shame, a fledgling company with great products at the right price point but they seem to struggle with scheduling, QC and communication.

Hi @Elfer, understand your position. Why not just call the firm and discuss? I have spoken to them and got a good impression. Of course they are a small firm so not too many « automated processes » :slight_smile:

I guess the pandemic might be having an impact as well both in manufacturing and delivery chain especially for international shipments

Postal services and parcel force have been a nightmare recently for obvious reasons

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Hi Iver,

They seem like really nice people and I wish them all the success in the world but based on some of the comments I have seen and from my own experience, they are not doing themselves any favours by providing overly optimistic schedules and rushing products out of the door. I just sent another email and I might call them tomorrow…

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I’m in the U.S. I have been a WitchHat customer for a while. They have been responsive and reasonable. Once I ordered a pair of cables and they sent only one. An email resulted in them dispatching the second one quickly, so it was less than an extra week to get it sorted.

When I ordered my Phantom cables last December, they were up front about some delays over the holidays, but worked with me on some customization (I wanted different termination than the default offering). I also bought the Morgana DIN-XLR mono pair for my 300 earlier this year, and had no issues there.

I have not made any purchases during the pandemic crisis, but they have answered an email inquiry I had recently within a day. All in all, I’m pleased with them, and will deal with them again if I need something.

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I’ve had Phantom on order since early May. Apparently the cable comes from New York and has been delayed due to the crisis. It’s landed I’m told. Promised this week…

Same here. Ordered 1st of May. Was told should be here this week

I ordered both an interconnect Morgana and Phantom cables during the pandemic. As I recall the Morgana was about six weeks and the Phantom around four weeks in the UK. The problem I was told is component suppliers.
All I can say is they are well worth the wait as they are far better than standard Naim interconnect and NACA5. They’ve greatly improved the SQ of my system which wasn’t bad to start with.


I ordered a set of phantom cables last week, Hope the deliver in 4-5 weeks time :crossed_fingers:

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It’s just a bit of a shame that naim only make the (cheapish) NacA5 and the frightening expensive superlumina
A mid priced , flexible cable with factory termination would be appreciated ?

Me… I plumped for tellurium black …after trying maybe 6 different cables (including SL)
I’m pleased with it…


Finally ordered 3.5 metres of Phantom with jumpers. Initially was going to order 10 metres after changing room layout. Have got electrician resiting dedicated radial this Friday so I can reposition 272/250 so only need 3.5m
Was told it would take about 6 weeks.

Just won a 4.5m pair of Phantom Cables on eBay, looking forward to receiving them in the next few days and hearing what they can do over the NAC A5. They should be nicely run in.

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Please let us know your findings. I see you have Motive SX1s. I tried them a few years ago and really liked them. Unfortunately the bass overpowered my room at times. Interested to know how they behave in your room and if the phantoms tighten up the bass?

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No problems with the bass it’s tight and controlled in my 10m x 7m room with the SX1’s 26cm from the wall, firing across the width of the room. As with all speakers they are very room dependant and I will certainly let you know how the Phantoms sound, I am hoping they will provide a little more detail and remove a bit of the tubbiness from the mid range, that I think the NACA5 is introducing.


My room is half the size of yours so that explains why you don’t experience any bass problems.

Hi, Has anybody compared Phantoms to Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables please?
Over the past year I’ve gradually replaced my Naim interconnects (amp to pre to hi-cap) with Morgana and been very pleased with the improvements that others have also noted. System sounds great, but the itch is there - should I replace the speaker cables as well or not.
I have old Dynaudio Audience 15 floor standers and the Nordost speaker cables have bought a nice bit of sparkle to the presentation and I don’t want to lose that. I know Witch Hat do a 30 day returns offer, but just checking on other peoples experiences before going down that route.
Best wishes

Just received my Phantom cables. Was hoping to try them out over the weekend but forgot it’s Father’s Day. Wife and daughter have plans for Saturday and Sunday. So looks like another week before I can install them.