WH Phantom

What could be a better fathers day treat than to install the phantoms!! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


The family treating me would always trump fiddling with hifi.


Mine turned up yesterday. Early days but in my slightly unconventional system ( Star to Meridian 556 power) it is everything that has been described previously. I think the word “ refined “ sums it up compared to NACA 5.


I have been listening to my phantoms since Saturday. As they are 2nd hand they are already well run in. The SQ is amazing the bass is tight and tuneful with depth, the detail in the mids and treble Is hugely improved. In my opinion there is a huge difference between the phantoms and NACA5, suffice to say the NACA5 is going to be sold. Bear in mind my cables were already well run in so the difference was immediate it may be different if you have to wait for them to run in you might not get that instant bang!


Great to hear they are such an improvement. I’ve got another 5 weeks until delivery

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They are well worth the wait. Mine have been running in for the last week and just get better and better.


Several months in with the Phantom and Morgana XLR and the sonics have achieved a sublime level of clarity and richness through the Dynaudio Contour 60s. I have also increased speaker separation to about 8 feet, with further improvements to the presentation and soundstage. I reckon by doing this I have probably found an optimum, with the room working for me instead of against me.

Careful routing of the Morganas away from the near vicinity of anything else pays dividends.


Surprising the last comment as they have substantial shielding, but i do the same as well.

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That’s what I thought… but there’s definitely something in it.

@Dynaudio1 To learn from this what’s your room size and layout? Any tips?

Not entirely sure - about 3.5m or so in the speaker dimension and longer in the other dimension, maybe about 6m. Also L shaped into a dining room, with bay window recess adding more width half way along on one wall, further complicating the issue !

(Updated to correct dimensions)

Speaker placement on the short wall side is the only option I’ve tried and the only practical option and seems to work fine. My main seating is near the opposite wall, so plenty of separation. The main tip with the Dynaudio Contours is to give them plenty of wall separation and free space, being rear ported.

Will ask wife later if we can get the builders in and go fully “open plan” on our ground floor!

I moved the hi-fi into its own room at the start of the year and was surprised how much small changes in speaker placement can make.

Off post really, but have you tried an even wider separation between speakers?

No - 8ft is about as much as I can get away with. I have to allow for record racks on one side.

Anyone compared the Phantom with the new Kudos speaker cable?


+1 interested :+1:

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Are there any representatives of the WitchHat on this forum? I wrote them a letter about Phantoms, but I didn’t get a response…

Red + white = x

y & chips

x + y = ?

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