"What a difference a wire makes"

A very interesting article on the Stereophile website dedicated to actually measuring loudspeaker cable for its suitability for audio. The piece is rather damning for most cable makers (or what we call 'HiFi Mumbo Jumbo’).

Read it and think about it what you want to think.

Has anyone tried Supra Ply cables with Naim?

Ummm. Not much to think about because the article doesn’t say much. We get a schematic of a circuit and a 1-kHz sine wave. There is a difference between input and output, but you can’t see it here because the resolution isn’t good enough.

Did anyone listen to any music? Was this cable compared with anything else? Maybe I just don’t get it.

I know someone who tried it, he disliked it & went back to NACA5 on his Naim NAP250.
He now uses it on a valve (tube) amp & says its OK
From how he described its SQ & other effects I suspected it was its low inductance (0.2uH/m) & whatever high capacitance it actually carries - Supra don’t publish this. Whatever, its not ideal for Naim.

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How nice to see a properly considered and described article that gets down to sone real analysis. For those who decry measurements, this is confirming that there are differences in the electrical behavoiur of cables at audio frequencies, which some people don’t believe is possible. Of course although it can tell you that in respect of the characteristics observed some cables change the signal less than others, it doesn’t tell you which you’d prefer because we all like different characteristics to our music, and if analysed in a different may it is possible that other differences might be identified. Also, if interaction with the amp in particular may be of significance (notably Naim requiring certain characteristics to properly load the amp.)

Noting that the link was removed, though often links to review websites seem to be avcepted, I’m sure that googling the thread title and ‘stereophile’ will find it, dated June 12 2020, apparently originally published in 1995.

hi jrhardee
just wondering if you looked at page 2 of the article and the other related pages

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