What a dilemma

Hi everyone, at the moment my system is ;
Lp12, ekos se, ortofon cadenza black, keel and radikal 2, rega aura.
Nac 282, nc250 and supercap dr, pmc Twenty5 21i speakers.

Was thinking of trading in the 282 and supercap dr for the nc332. The problem is I couldn’t afford the 300 power supply until next year. I didn’t want to listen to the complete thing in case it sounds too good to resist.
Will the 332/250 without the ps300 better the 282 /supercap dr /250. I know people will probably say only I can decide, but I am thinking of long term. My dealer has offered me a good trade-in price that I am happy with.
Many thanks :+1:

Why not borrow it for the weekend? Then you will know.


Jason from Naim described the 332 bare as better than the Nac282 two Hicap’s in a YouTube video.

So the 332 vs 282/SCDR should be interesting.

IME the 332/300 is a substantial upgrade over the 252/SCDR

So if you plan on adding the 300 in the future that may be the way to go


Very interested in this question also; albeit my 282 has just a HiCapDR.

It’s probably not black and white; and nuanced with a different presentation as opposed to just plain ‘better’?


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