What a Palaver!

What a palaver!

Having followed the 52 and Pots 8 thread my interest was piqued and so I contacted Naim Central to enquire as to whether or not my 52 Pre Amp had indeed got the Pots 8 upgrade.

Next day back came the reply that they were not sure but that it was due a service since they last saw it in 2012!

I decided that I would get it and the SuperCap serviced and have the 52 upgraded if it needed it. That evening out came the boxes from the Attic and equipment securely installed and the boxes thoroughly sealed ready to take to my local Naim dealer in Epsom. Back in March I had sent my Nat 02 back to Salisbury for a service and the process had been so simple and straightforward.

On the Friday I phoned Rob at Sevenoaks Hi Fi to ask if it would be okay to drop my kit off so that it could be serviced.

“No”! came back the prompt reply. Naim had come up with a different system for returning equipment back to Salisbury for servicing…….

Rob informed me that he would notify Naim about what I wanted. Later that day Rob emailed to say that Naim would accept my equipment.

Please see attached docs.
Each item has a shipping label and a sheet to fill in and include.
Please add your Pots8 request there.

The service is £399 each which you can pay by calling us in the shop now.
We will then let them know to expect the two units.
01372 720720
01372 940031

They have advised of a turnaround for service of around four weeks.

Please then attach / include as above and box them up securely.
Royal Mail offer a good collect from home service. Please insure to an appropriate value per unit.

Once complete, they will be returned to the shop for collection in Epsom.

I recently got a new iMac which no longer interfaces with my Epsom Printer although my old iMac which I kept because it runs Photoshop 6 does because I refuse to pay a monthly subscription to use it on my new iMac.

Unfortunately I could not get my Mail account on my old computer to accept Rob’s email which was sent to my new Mail account on the new iMac no matter how hard I tried or what I did. No problem. I rushed round to my next door neighbours who kindly agreed to print the labels off for me. Quick sprint back to the house and forwarded Rob’s email to my next door neighbours. Sprint back to the neighbours and collect the labels and then sprint back home with the documentation.

Unpackaged my two boxes to complete the forms and insert into the boxes. Resealed the boxes. Back onto the phone to Rob to ask how I was to go about getting the two parcels to Salisbury. Easy apparently. Weigh them and find the value for each item. How do I find that out I enquire. Easy just go on Ebay and find a similar item and the asking price. I took a stab at it and came up with £2500 for the 52 Pre and £2000 for the SuperCap. Brilliant! I was ready to go. Back to Rob, how do I arrange collection. Set up an account with the Post Office and they will collect it from your house what could be simpler or easier than that you might ask.

Despite numerous attempts and setting up Passwords and the like I was not able to arrange for them to be collected when I would be in. Looking online I found that there were three Post Offices near me that could processes them and send them on their way to Salisbury. Brilliant!

Bundle the boxes into the car and off down the road, approximately 2 miles. Unloaded the boxes from the car and crossed the dual carriageway to the Post Office only to find that the person who normally did the processing was not available. It was now 16:30 and I had been involved in this simple matter since 09:00 that morning and I had quite frankly had enough by then.

Back home and removed the boxes from the car and placed them in the hallway ready for first thing on Saturday morning when I could try all over again to get my boxes off to Salisbury. Armed with all the confidence of the ignorant I got a friend to drive me to the next branch of the Post Office and to park on the yellow lines whilst I unloaded the two boxes and got them into the Post Office. The Parking Wardens are quite officious round here and I was loath to leave the two packages unattended whilst I moved the car. Service is glacially slow on occasions. Did I tell you about my inquinal hernia? I see the consultant next week.

However I was in luck, there was no queue! Got to the cashier to be told that their system was down and that they did not know when it would be up and running again.

Load the boxes back into the car and drive to the third of the three designated Post Office Branches which is situated in a Shopping Centre approximately four and half miles away. Parking on the third floor of the car park I was lucky to find a shopping trolley and by some fluke of chance I just happened to have a pound coin in my pocket to un-attach it from its companions.

Shortly after 11:20 I parted company with my two boxes.

It had taken nearly a day and a half to carry out such a simple task. And here is the rub. Salisbury will be sending the equipment back to my Dealer in Epsom where I will ruck up in my car, park on the yellow lines in front of the shop, nip in and say “Hi Rob” and promptly load the boxes into my car and be off.

I am sure that when I spin a disc or two after I have reassembled my system all the hassle I have gone through will be soon forgotten and I will only have pleasant thoughts to think about………

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Sounds like a dealer problem…….or Naim have created a potential monster?

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If this is the new normal and not an aberration, from experience UPS will collect from your door saving alot of palaver and hassle… you obviously pay for the ease though but have been happy with their service recently when returning kit to other places.

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Whats the point of the dealer of you have to arrange all of that yourself?

Naim should set up a system, fill in forms on site ( thus notifying them its coming) print off the forms, put in box, arrange ups ( or other collection).


This reflects poorly on Naim Audio - and on the dealer, IMO…

So… you have to pay the Dealer, but arrange all the shipping yourself…???

@Richard.Dane - Is this correct…??


In my opinion part of what your paying for using the dealer for servicing is the lack of hassle and surety that you don’t need to worry about transit issues. If all the dealer is doing here is providing a pick up point and payment mechanism then IMHO there is no credible reason for them to get a margin out of this…


I never knew what a palaver was before this thread, but looking it up I realize you original post might be itself be an example of palavering. :rofl:

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Just send to Class A. Much easier, quicker and cheaper. And if you want to know progress, call directly the man who does the work.


If what @Steve2 records is the new m.o., it isn’t as helpful as the previous protocol i.e. dropping the stuff off at your dealer, who would do the form (on their order system) and send the stuff on via their own ‘insured’ courier arrangements, having inspected what was in the box vis condition and contents. I am/was happy to pay £25/30 for the confidence in this system – albeit I recognise this could be problematic for people not close to a dealer.

Shipping pre-loved can be challenging due to valuations and condition debates – plus try dealing with some of the couriers out there!!

@Richard.Dane — Richard, are you aware of any changes to the arrangements for sending stuff in to Naim?


The verification by the dealer of there being a fault and the condition of casework etc is crucial imo.


Whats the point of a dealer if there’s no after-sales support


A half-way house arrangement, makes no sense to me. Having read and seen some of the way boxes are handled by couriers, I’d rather drive many miles to Salisbury and drop the stuff off personally, especially if it is my beloved & delicate CD555 :grin:


Yes, i would rather drop off and spend an overnight in Salisbury.

Sounds more like the dealer couldn’t be arsed surely?


No idea, I’m not aware of any change, but I will make enquiries.

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Is this a Monty Python Skit?

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Another palaver… to make I mean.


It seems a little odd that we need to use a dealer to send kit back to Naim these days. Naim use an RMA scheme in which the dealer requests to send them the kit and Naim request it when they are ready to handle it. Saves dealers hoarding kit and means we only lose the kit for the shortest time possible. Not a bad system. However, why we can’t request an RMA direct seems weird. This dealer obviously can’t be bothered handling the kit (which I can kind of understand). Why courier to the dealer and the dealer courier to Naim when we could courier direct. Ok under warranty seems reasonable but outside the dealer should not need to be involved. Maybe the overhead in dealing direct is Naims problem.

The point of the dealer, surely, is to trouser some of your folding?

The dealer’s got to get his ‘cut’, and it beats working for a living!

I really hope dealers can still handle everything into the future if you prefer it , as from the perspective of someone in a wheelchair, it’s super useful to just let them handle everything.

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