What a pile of drivel...The Brits

Um, yes. The Brits were apalling. Not quite up to the Fox and Fleetwood level of shame. But close.

I mean people get paid for that?!

Pink’s comment:

“To be considered in the same category as David Bowie and the Beatles and Sir Elton and Sir Paul and Fleetwood Mac is beyond anything I can comprehend.”

…not only you.

Back to the thread - Great win in the cricket - mind you, the wicket looked benign (as for most ODI’s nowadays) save the odd high bounce.

Yes, apologies, that was rather rude of us, great win by England though :joy:

It was a let down, there have been some good performances over the years with Adele etc but last night was dull. I did like Jess Glynne and thought Jorja Smith sung well but too much drivel in between. Kids liked Little Mix though (Is there a rolling eye emoji ?)

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:roll_eyes: :+1:

Well at one stage I was wondering which act was ODI from Barbados :smiley:

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The presenter really grated too with snide quips about older bands.

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At least Lily Allen didn’t let the side down with her effort, shame she didn’t win any thing.
Most " Brit" awards are meant with a foot in the mouth - rather than tongue in cheek. Never forget Julian Clary when he had a little slot on the " Brit " Comedy awards one year…

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Luckily I didn’t see The Pitts as they should be renamed. Perhaps Don McLean was right when he wrote American Pie

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