What about another LP12?

After waiting for over 30 years I finally got my first LP12 2 years ago. Built and supplied by Tony & Graham at Basically Sound in Norfolk, I have been reintroduced to my record collection all over again.

As many of you may know, I have recently made a series of upgrades resulting in 2 wonderful Naim based systems (see profile) and am now thinking if it wouldn’t be just marvellous to replace the ageing Project perspective in my ‘Wife’s’ system.

The project will be funded from the sale of the Roksan Attessa, Dali Speakers & Stands and the Project TT.

Thought I’d buy a nice vintage deck on eBay and get Tony & Graham to service and fettle with it to produce a sub £2k deck for her (me😉).

Has anybody done something similar and can you advise on things to watch out for?

Does the upgrade desire ever wane? Also thinking about a Lingo 4 for the main deck🤦🏻‍♂️

Rather than ebay, I’d be tempted to ask your dealer/s if they have a pre-loved LP12 hanging around… I’d bet there’s a few in back of house workrooms somewhere, just waiting for a new life.

As for the upgrade trail, it stops whenever

A/ you decide
B/ your wallet does



I’ve just bought the Lingo 4, and it’s wonderful. I say that, but I did several upgrades at the same time: Karousel, Kore, Trampolin 2 and Lingo 4. The result is spectacular but, hand on heart, I can’t say what the individual effects of each are.


My deck already has Karousel & Trampolin-2. Currently running a Mose Hercules 2 power supply and my dealer highly recommends going to Lingo 4.

I discussed buying a donor LP12 on eBay with him and then giving to him to polish. He’s looked at the one I’m considering and thinks it would become a decent deck, following a full service and fitting of a good MM cartridge.

Sadly he has nothing on the shelf to start with for me.

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I had three for a while but back down to two, one in the house and one in the office. Works well for me :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of mix 'n matching components across decades of LP12 development but would be happy to get a Lingo 4 fitted to a modern Majik deck for example. For a brief time I had a pre-Cirkus bearing with Radikal and it didn’t sound quite right to me. Mixed other bits too and felt the same.

I wouldn’t buy on ebay myself. Better to ask your dealer to obtain what you need via used stock and the dealer network and get some kind of protection that way. Otherwise, it’s a complete lottery. You might be fine, you might not. I suppose if it’s cheap enough then it’s not so bad and you can always try to sell anything under-performing/faulty on again, if you’re happy to do so. If you already own an LP12 then you should know some of the things to look out for.

If you do buy privately then look out for things such as Valhalla/Lingo serviced by Class A and setup/service by a dealer that you can then call and ask about the item.

Can’t Tony & Graham put something together for you?

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Recently bought on PF. Communicated with the seller, talked about what had been done and by whom. All legit and met up, lovely chap, interesting and interested in HiFi. Both pleased with the transaction.

Upgraditis? It is perfect as it is, but, but, :thinking: :grin:


I just had a chat with Phil @ Cymbiosis to enquire about getting Peter to build me one.

Agreed to eMail a spec over for consideration.
He also advised against using eBay for a donor product…:face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Get a Radikal, better sub chassis & arm for your current LP12, you know it makes sense.
Then get a 52, again you know it makes sense :wink::joy:



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So stop when I get to LP12 Klimax, Radical & Statement then? :joy:
Or is there more after that?? :hushed:


He’s not going to advise to buy from someone else, I wouldn’t either if I was a seller…


Yeah, I get that too, but it is a “buyer beware” scenario…:man_shrugging:t2:

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I would say beware of the advise given by anyone trying to sell you something.

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Any reason it needs to be another LP12? An alternate brand maybe to give abit of variation… Tony and Grahem have a nice solstice in their shop window currently :wink:


Tony hasn’t anything in stock or on the radar at the moment sadly.
This is not a rush job however, so maybe something happens in the coming months.
It took me over 30 years to get the first one, after all…:joy:

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Too many variables on Ebay…a Linn may look OK, but how’s the bearing, suspension etc.

I wouldn’t know enough to trust it.


It is always a chance that you take. From Peters pov I would suggest he is concerned about what he may have to do to correct any imperfections he finds, and then charge you for those corrections. If I was buying for someone else to refurbish it would make sense to let them choose the donor.


Yes; it has to be another LP12.
She is a traditionalist and loves the LP12.
Besides I’d never get to see the Solstice if I bought it, as she’d take it as part of the “SETTLEMENT”…:rofl:



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C/ you find true satisfaction in how your system presents music (but with multiple systems that could mean all systems!)