What Alan Parsons thinks of "audiophiles"


Well, it would be interesting to get their views as well…




I had such a crush on Susan Dey when I was a kid. I’ll go and interview her and ask her if you like…


Oh Kevin, you too…??

My sisters were mooning over David Cassidy, but I quietly dreamt of Susan Day…


I suspect pretty much every guy of a certain age had a crush on Susan Dey. That picture brought it flooding back.


Always thought this, my systems are the vehicles for musical satisfaction only!




Still a super hottie.



What do audiophiles think of Alan Parsons?



And Nanny in Nanny and the Professor
And Samantha in Bewitched
And Jeanie in I Dream of Jeanie
And Suzi Quattro …
And Betty and/or Veronica in the Archie comics.
it just went on and on.


Don’t forget Daphne in Scooby Doo.


Have you accidentally missed out Michelle Phillips?


Nope. Didn’t do it for me :thinking:


I’ve never used his music to listen to my equipment.


Ah! Suzi! Rock’s First Lady Of Leather. The way she used to thwack that bass about… :heart_eyes::partying_face:


Most ‘music lovers’ would not be on forums, they are too busy listening to their music collections. However places like HiFi corner and all other forums in regard to Audio or HiFi on internet are filled mostly I suspect attended by audiophiles.

I love listening to music, I also love HiFi gear thats why I read HiFi Corner, all other forums around the world. At this moment on another forum is a poster who is in the process of auditioning at home all the highend amps and speakers to get the sound he is after. He has also given his personal reviews of a list of high end amps which reads like a whos who of high end audioworld. I think this poster fits in very well in Alan Parsons quote on audiophiles listening to music inorder to hear the HiFi and admittedly it makes a very interesting thread…!


You can be a music lover and an audiophile. You may love literature and richly-bound books.
No incompatibility at all.


I love it most when I listen to music and don’t hear my equipment at all - wish I could do that for £200, but it seems not, which makes me an “audiophile” it would seem


Ahh, Suzie Quattro…