What app are you using?

Sorry for asking, but I am the proud new owner of a Naim NDS + XP5XS and I just love it!
I hear Spotify like I never heard before.

I also have quite a library of FLAC files on my Synology Nas but am struggling to get a connection, despite the Media Server running on it.

What app are you guys using to connect?
I have downloaded n-serve but that does not seem to find my server.

Any help?
Thanks so far

You don’t want nServe. Just use the standard Naim app. Type Naim Audio into the App Store. It’s the top one.

Roon solves everything.


Welcome to Naim Peter, its fun place.
Once you get the Naim app the rest is easy, Synology ‘Media Server’ is OK, but its very basic & doesn’t get the best out of NAS streaming.
Get used to the app first, with Media Server & take your time playing with the new toys.
Then think about something better; Synology Package Centre has a 3rd party server called ‘Minimserver’, this is a huge step up, I used it for a year or two, but its a bit of a faff to set up if you’re not so confident with 'poota stuff.
However better still is available - Illustrate (dBpoweramp) have introduced ‘Asset UPnP’ for Synology & this is just so easy to set up, install & go. You get it with a web search ‘asset upnp’ & try the free 30 day trail version, it has limited features, but even that is better than Media Server. The full program has so much more & then some, is a pay just once £23 for the full licence & lifetime support with updates as & when.

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Yeahhhh thanks. I had that app installed already but was confused with the NAS setup.
Now that I revisited the NAIM app thanks to your sugestion I have figured it out. It was right there.
So I deleted n-serve and have it working in the Naim app indeed.
Thanks a lot!

Great, well done. The Synology media server is a bit manky so do take a look at Asset as suggested by Mike above. It’s really very good.

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Happily streaming my local collection of ripped CDs, Spotify, Qobuz, Radio Paradise and other radio stations to a Muso-2 …

As a server, using a Mini ITX PC running Daphile with UPnP bridge, RP, Qobuz , Spotify and Material Skin plugins (cost about $350 US, Daphile free, plugins free).

Control Application is Material Skin (free).

I’ve also used Asset UPnP on a Synology NAS and would recommend it as well. I do not use the Naim application.

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