What are running with your Supernait

With all this talk about the new classic range, and no dout a new supernait coming at some point in the future, im still quite satisfied with my supernait3 purchase 9 months ago. Some nights im just blown away by the sn3 ndx2 and its flexibilty and good value. I hve upgraded with hcdr and am running wilson tunetots. What streamer and amp combos are you all running with your supernait. My dealer suggested i upgrade next to 300dr amp has anyone tried this? What speakers do you love with it.


ND5XS with Chord Qutest, no external power amp with my SN1 and HCDR


Hi, ND5XS2 as transport into nDAC with XP5XS into SN2 with HCDR. Speakers are Ovator S400. Cables are all Naim, except mains which is Isotek Sequel. Sounds really great to my ears. Listening to Brahms 3rd / Günter Wand this morning while writing here…


Happy Saturday

Our modest SuperNAIT rig…

Linn Sondek LP12 → Rega Aria → Linn Black →

Innous ZENmini mk3 S + LPSU → Naim DC1 →
Naim nDAC → Naim DIN-DIN →

Naim SuperNAIT 3 + HiCapDR → Naim NACA5 →
Epos ES14 + Epos stands

All Naim PowerLine Lite
Dedicated mains power

Currently listening to Maggie Rogers : Heard It in a Past Life, (2019).
Happy listening everyone :+1:


In my main system I run a SN3 plus HiCapDR. Sources are:
Lumin P1 Streamer/Dac into Analogue Streamer Input (tried the P1 pre- amp out into AV input but not as good as using pre-amp in SN3)
Roksan Caspian M2 CD Player into Analogue CD Input and Digital Coaxial Output into P1
Panasonic UB DP9000 4K Bluray Player into Analogue Tuner Input and Digital Optical Output into P1
Denon AVC-X4700H AV Amp L&R Pre-Outs into AV Input for Front L&R Channels of 5.1 System
Speakers are Focal Electra 1038Be Large Floorstanders at 93db sensitivity are easily driven by SN3.
Cables as per my profile but all very good quality.

Currently listening to Bob Dylan Tempest on the P1 via Tidal MQA 24/96 which is excellent and almost as good as the CD I have, but just quite not as good as the CD via the P1 digital input.


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SuperNAIT 3, HiCap DR, NDX 2, NAC A5, Kudos Super 20


Thank you.
You could contribute to this thread with your SN2 sources and what speakers your running I would be interested in that as Im sure so would others :smile:


That is sweet, am looking for some old 400s to make it complete some day.

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Such a classy looking setup. Love those epos.

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They’re a keeper, for sure :+1:

SN2 / Teddy / ND5XS2/ Chord Qutest / Witchhat Phantom / Q Acoustics Concept 500 floorstanders. Oh and Silent Angel switch and external F1 PSU. Very happy with the combination. SN2 replaced a NAC200 with back then a 172XS streamer/pre. Immediately happily surprised with the power and accuracy of the SN2. Heard the SN3 a few times at hifi shows and it made quite an impression!


SN2 / NDS / 555PS, fed from the Innuos Zenith, speakers PMC 25.23s, and the NDS roonified with a Sonore UPnP Bridge.

I am awaiting with interest what will come later this year both in terms of SN replacement as well as streamers, as i may well be in the market. If indeed they do come this year!
Interesting times.


Cdi / Nd5 Xs2 > SN3 + HiCap DR > Focal Aria 926

And it is wonderful!


Wow. How well does the 555 ps assist the system as a whole, Ive often wondered if my ndx2 even was overkill how will a 5 series ps affect my sn3 ndx2 combo. I would guess that it would be too refined for that combo.

Tbh @Dfreshness my system is a mullet, a more balanced amplification would bring even more to the party but im limited by 4 levels, one of which is my Innuos.
However working on the source first principle, there is only 1 better step i could go (ND555 which i wont do as a new purchase), and the sound quality i get is stunning with the system as it is.
It really does extract so much detail, i can only imagine what a pre/power combo could do for tbe system.
As a next step i am looking for a ‘super integrated’ to extract even more from the music, maybe the next gen Supernait might be it…
I have heard some say that a 555PS on an NDX unbalances the system but im not sure if that is on the NDX or NDX2.
You could demo it if you dare? :thinking:


No streamer here, but another excellent naim source. Sounds very good using the SN2 as a preamplifier only, however my next planned change is a new dedicated preamplifier - hopefully in a few months time.

CDX2.2 / XPSDR / Supernait 2 / Hi-CapDR / 250DR / Kudos KS-1 / iBLs mk2 / PowerLine + Power-Line Lites / Fraimlite


As one who never believed source firstand then went ahead and did it w my ndx2 sn3 combo, (my dealer of course made me compare 3 streamer/ dacs to the ndx2 including nd5xs2) idid feel as though im between the upgrade path and contentment. Some recordings in the acoustic, classical and jazz space have so much life to them. The funny thing aabout naim is you buy it and run it, with very little tweaking, a twek of coure is a four figure upgrade in equipment exchange! Which is quite a bit different than my cycling hobby where the air pressure or seat positioning is alway a moving target for me.

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