What are the benefits of the Core?

What benefits does the Core bring in comparison to just ripping the CDs into an external hadrdrive and then attaching the HD to the back of the Nova?

For those that do not like using computers for getting involved in their music, its just plug and play. Stick the cd in the slot, it rips, you can play music whilst this is going on…but its not cheap, but sounds great. Its another choice.


The user interface through the Naim app is much better if you use uPnP via a network rather than plugging into the USB input, if that important to you. Either a Core or a NAS and uPnP facility on a computer. I went with a Core to keep it all separate from my computers.

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Ripping CDs on a computer with DBpoweramp is a great deal more flexible that doing it on a Core. Both will give you an accurate rip, but the metadata handling of the Core is severely limited to a far greater extent than any other ripper or server I’ve ever come across. Some people would say the same of its predecessor, the Unitiserve, but having owned one for 7 years, I’m happy with it, and can easily live with its limitations. Unfortunately, the even greater limitations of the Core are a step too far for me, so I wouldn’t buy one.

Using the USB input on the Nova, you can still browse whatever metadata fields you want, including fields such as Composer or Conductor. As far as I’m this is no more limited than what you can do on the Core.

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Thanks guys. Definitely not worth getting one for me then. Happy to continue to rip the CDs on my Mac and store them on the external HD.


If you rip on your Mac to iTunes, then you can install uPnP software like Asset and then access and play then directly from the Nova through the Naim app, either through a wired network or by wifi-fi. If it’s an older Mac, you can even run optical through the 3.5 mm headphone / optical output directly into the Nova - which could be handy then you can run Tidal etc from the Mac app as well. Thanks to @ChrisSU for that tip a while back.

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Let’s put it another way. £2k would get you a P8 if you trade in your P3, or a significant speaker upgrade. There’s no way a Core could give you that sort of sound quality benefit compared to a £50 USB drive.


Very much agreed I have a NAS with ripping software plus a Core the NAS is in a cupboard not used. I find the Core so easy to use plus it pips the NAS for sound quality in my system.


Yes, each to their own. It is really easy to use, but i have to agree that Naim could and still should do better with metadata etc. There is still a worthwhile development path for this product, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Even Phil Harris has posted not so long ago that he raised many of these issues internally, but to no avail.

From my experience ripping classical music with Uniti Core negates almost all the reasons for ripping classical music. It leaves shocking gaps like names of composers and movements, as well as differentiating between performances of same work by same orchestra or conductor.
I’ve reached out to Naim imagining painless and obvious solution, but their answers are one’s I’ve already figured out.
Not sure what’s the backdoor to resolving this? Is Roon software any more supportive? I’ve read meaningful reviews about Minim Server2 for cataloging classical music and Naimities have done well with it, but without supportive dealer to hold my hand I’m not sure I’m ready to jump away from Naim environment, though it seems increasingly inevitable at the moment.
Is Naim and their dealers indifferent, or is the problem too deep to be solved and if so why did they venture into Uniti Core as replacement for Uniti Serve? Also where are industry journalists, what are they assessing when they look at Naim’s software. In my frustration I really can’t believe Naim is as blind as they seem to be to this problem, but perhaps I’m the one that’s blind to their indifference.
For those taking leap away from Naim for classical rips, has anyone gone farther like looking toward other brands like Chord that have mature digital system, but no software with classical in mind.
Since this subject is not going away it would be useful if Naim would speak up.


My music is mainly rock music, so this downfall has little impact on me, thankfully. But if i was starting over again i would be giving the Melco range a hard look at. They seem to update their software and improve re the new EX upgrade and SongKong. Pity Naim do not address the issues and partner with someone like Songkong, even if the upgrade had a cost attached.

For those willing to get their hands dirty, a suitable SFF pc with DVD drive and an install of Daphile will give you a great ripper/tagging solution.

To be fair I have not had to rip anything in like 6 years or more, I did my CDs years ago and have not had cause to purchase in years. The last one I remember purchasing was Blackstar by Bowie.

What I really like about daphile is it will happily rip direct to network, which makes a lot of sense to me.

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I find that it is but there’s a long thread going on the Roon forum highlighting deficiencies.

Roon uses various metadata sources once it knows what the album is and is very aware of things like composers and very importantly compositions.

Here’s a few screenshots. I chose Chopin from the Composer view in Roon.

You can see that each work is listed. If you touch on a work you will get to see where this work is present in your library (I have 8 versions of this) and also QoBuz/Tidal (there are 446 versions on QoBuz!).

I find this easy to use, you can easily filter down the list if required, here I have filtered on Etude

As always you are reliant on Metadata quality, but even if yours isn’t that good as long as Roon identifies the album correctly you are likely to find it’s reasonable.

Prior to your mentioning Melco I’d seen them recurrently brought up, but never thought much since dealer I’ve work with and those I’ve considered don’t carry line. Prompted by your remarks I went to Melco website and was met by deluge of what at least from distance seems like classical music storage turnkey. Do you own Melco gear, or have you known Melco owners who have found it convincing option?
Perhaps I should post this question.

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My dealer prefers Melco and has a number of classical music customers. There are many on the forum who own Melco, such as @Darkebear who may be able to give you a better insight. You can also directly download from one-of the download sites, i think its Hirez audio…no need for a computer, just need to set up an account.

Trickydickie, thank you for your illustrated response, seldom see that.
How are you ripping and storing, via Uniti Core, or another way? And is end of your digital player Naim?
Thank you again!

@Stevesky @charlie.henderson the issue that the UnitiCore allows searching on composers and conductors but doesn’t allow the user to edit the metadata for these fields is frequently given as a reason why classical music listeners should avoid buying a Core.

The present situation is absurd and leaves the user totally in the hands of the person who notified Rovi of the metadata for an album and even if the metadata is correct, there are numerous issues, like for example the different naming conventions in different countries. W Mozart, Wolfgang Mozart, Mozart, Mozart Wolfgang etc. And that is not to mention those most unhelpful of words that crop up - “unknown“ and “various“. I could elaborate on this issue, which goes a lot wider than this one example, if you wanted me to.

I have previously lobbied a senior Naim software person, whom I won’t name here, on this problem when I was on a factory visit about a year ago. Several other forum members and @Richard.Dane will remember that when I mentioned this issue, the said software person replied “Is this your own opinion or a general opinion?” Well as I said then, it’s not just my opinion and I think the fact that Naim isn’t even acknowledging that it exists is hurting sales of the Core.

I would be happy to explain further off-line if that would help.



Thank you for reminding me that Darkbear uses Melco. Can I request to reach him, I’d like his feedback on current Melco range, though I’m not predisposed to doing anything more than plugging in and turning on.

I rip using DBPoweramp and have a Roon Rock Server. Music is stored on the Roon server with a NAS for backup.

I have a Naim NDS. There’s a workaround using a bridge which allows the NDS to be used with Roon. All works really well.

There’s a cost of course as Roon isn’t cheap, I bought a lifetime subscription before the price went up.

I stuck Gary on my last reply to you, i am sure he will respond, though i am not sure how much classical music he listens to. Our french friend @frenchrooster is also a user and may like to comment.

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