What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


Thanks for the warning, Ewe. I listened to most of the 2006/2005 remastered version of Tres Hombres on Tidal and it mentions it was remastered from the original recording, whatever that means. It also has some live tracks on it too.


Vinyl released 1968 - Sticking with the Moody’s another fine album. :sunglasses:


George Harrison

George Harrison - TIDAL HiFi

After watching “Concert For George” last night I thought I would start with this, one of the few albums from George that I do not own.



Ahh that’s better… tuning back into UK hard/heavy rock… this album has a good variation on pace.


Eric Clapton - Slowhand, EC in fairly laidback mode to start the day




CD version originally released 1971 - Rundgren’s second and most underrated album, plenty of great stuff on this album. :sunglasses:


Malletoba spankin’ with the Duke and chums on a nice sounding 1990s Columbia CD:


I did wonder what the £25.26 Amazon charge on my card was on Friday morning until the courier handed me the Trower set.


The Beatles - Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, now giving the remix from '17 a blast.I think it’s ok apart from the volume hike when “Mr Kite” begins.


Pat Metheny: What’s It All About. Pat does standards, solo.


Late (1971) Duke, on a splendid-sounding Atlantic CD:


Santana - Spirits Dancing in the Flesh, released in '90 this album relies on some covers for inspiration,but Santana’s guitar still shines and he’s not on auto pilot yet :sunglasses:


It swings is an understatement:grin:


Brand new one microphone recording with Carmen Gomes. Very special completely natural warm, as if being there SQ, and way better sounding than binaural recordings. Highly recommended;
Carmen Gomes Inc, Don’t You Cry




Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs - WAV CD rip

From the just released bargain boxset, keeping me company in the kitchen while I cook some food for the week. Great bluesy power trio rock, sounding good on the Qb (and the NDX when switching rooms, I like Multiroom).


Agree Dan one of Todd’s best.

ATB Graham


Since leaving Josef K thirty or so years ago, Paul Haig’s career has taken some interesting twists and turns.

This is one of them, a 1991 CD of themes from imaginary movies. The feel is quite John Barry or ITC (a UK TV and film production company that had a string of hits in the 1970s and 80s with shows like Randall & Hopkirk… Deceased, Thunderbirds, The Protectors, The Prisoner, Department S, etc).

Perfect for a low-key Sunday.