What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


Roxy Music Avalon

Perfect for a cold wet Sunday


Two from this morning Blakey & Bonham banging the drum.

Both on Vinyl.


season of the witch terrific version


This after watching David Bowie: Finding Fame on BBC Two last night.


I thought it was a terrific programme G.


After mentioning ITC, it seems apposite to play this two-CD set of music from the studio’s various hits:



On vinyl. Having fun revisiting the vinyl box set on the new deck.


A fine album…


Requires a bit more attention to appreciate


ELO - A New World Record, on Japanese vinyl. Not listened to this in a while and it’s good to hear the headline tracks in original context as opposed to the GH compilation I usually reach (stream) for. Sounds good on this pressing too.


Robert Cray - Strong persuader

A classic from Robert Cray. It has been a while since I last listen to this one.


ELO - Disvovery, on first UK vinyl pressing. A little more ELO! Have a lot of afffection for this album as it was played a lot around the house when I was a kid - this exact copy in fact, as it belonged to my Dad. Amazing how a record can take you back.



Etta James - Blues To The Bone.

One of the all time great blues voices, this album of standards is simply great.

There’s a heap of her output down the years, including this album, over on Tidal, so do yourself a favour, and have a listen.


Natalie Merchant - Paradise is There (The New Tigerlily Recordings)

I’m soooooo enjoying this Album particularly with the new playback which is superb. There is often a kind of sadness in her voice which makes the music very emotionally charged.



As posted earlier getting in to the Robin Trower box set, guitar in the Hendrix style :+1:



Just wonderful, check out her live performances on YouTube. She mentions how she is more husky, but has still got the high notes as she has got older.


Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe, sounding absolutely superb on this original UK vinyl pressing.


I’m watching England and listening to Natalie- heaven. YouTube later! Thanks Gazza.