What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


A day away from my normal listening patterns. I am generally not a fan of classically trained voices, but one of the exceptions to my normal dislike is Dietrich Fischer Dieskau, and this 6 disc set of Schubert songs (from my NAS) is wonderful and given the age of the recordings sounds superb as well:

and then to get back to slightly more normal (for me) tastes (well at least half way there), a couple of Jean Michell Jarre albums including this hi-res download of ‘Equinoxe’ also from my NAS that I haven’t played for some time.


Oooh! The Champions with the stunningly beautiful Alexandra Bastedo. Now that brings back memories of a teenage crush, Kev. :wink:



Twice removed From Yesterday

One wasn’t enough so another fine album from Mr. Trower is getting an airing.


Continuing with the Bowie-fest that I began yesterday evening.



it is his day today. You are the third to listen to him. I just discovered…


A new box-set of his albums came out on Friday at a bargain price in the U.K., so I (and I think Gazza) have that playing.


i will probably buy some original lps from him. For now, just bought a few downloads.


Get back in line there Mike!


Meat Loaf - Bat out of Hell - 1970s U.K. vinyl

Because there are times when only an album of totally extreme pomp rock full of brilliantly played and sung great songs will do, it goes beyond over the top and reaches genius!


Indeed, If only it had been better recorded.


Now playing…

Natalie Merchant - Motherland

Streaming on NAS… switching to the strong and fantastic vocals and music from Natalie and she is sounding mighty sweet!


Yellowjackets - Like a river

Nice smooth jazz.




Still running in the new deck and phono

Sounds pretty flat and compressed

But this sounds wonderful


Norah Jones re-inventing herself again. PUSSNBOOTS is fun…


Very true, but it still only takes a few seconds before I’m singing along and playing air guitar. At some point in the mid-80s I was reading a junk US-set novel and the teen character was wondering/hoping if he’d get to “second base or third base” on his date. First time the slang had ever registered with me, the next time I heard Paradise By The Dashboard Light I realised I’d missed half the point of the song for years.


I don’t know this one … oh dear - on to the big river…


I sort of “discovered” this album in my collection – and quite enjoyed it. since then, have acquired quite a few more NM albums…


Ha, good stuff Eoin, cheers. :grinning: