What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


Ken, I’ve just ordered her eponymous album on Discogs. Jeff whatsit is rich enough!

If you want to use the DAC in the NDS to good effect get an Innuos Zenith and connect them using an Audiophilleo + PP. The CDX2 never showed off the nDAC very well. You get a greater music server as well with Roon possibilities. I have a thread running.



On various people’s advice, but mostly Kev of course, I bought Ode to Bobbie Gentry. If they recorded it these days they might do better, but there is a kind of rawness to it from what I guess are 1960s early 70s recordings. But playing it now it sounds fantastic and I could be persuaded to sing alooong! It is so amusing as well.



Very catchy Spanish indie. A combination of light music and dark lyrics.

Una chica tomando el sol esperando el armagedón
Unos niños jugando al balón en un cráter de Nueva York
Te rescato de la oficina, ¿dos de azúcar o sacarina?

Aprovecho para nadar en la tormenta tropical
Experiencias sobre el control mental
Tras tu práctica de alemán
Encarguemos comida china, balinesa o radiactiva
Lo que antes era importante hoy, al fin, es irrelevante

El fin está llegando, está al llegar
Esperaré bailando, por lo que pueda pasar
Cancela tus horarios, vamos a un bar
No será necesario volver a casa jamás
El fin está llegando, está al llegar
Vamos a celebrarlo de forma espectacular
Cancela tus horarios, vamos a un bar
Después de mil veranos… un invierno nuclear


A lot of people seem to be working their way through the Natalie Merchant Collection At the moment. Good choice, I’ve played a couple of 10,000 Maniacs this weekend. She really had some talent.


Amos Lee - Amos Lee

An artist new to me who I hold in high regard. Such a fine and mature soul voice (and he does the blues too), Amos makes it all sound so effortless, a sign of a great singer IMV. His backing band is tight too.


2004 - 2x Vinyl - US first pressing…


Currently playing “My Favourite Things” from:



Notoriously low work rate but what they did produce was very cool.

Still hits the spot for me.


US second press vinyl from 1974:


Easy to appreciate


Nice relaxing album…


Many of you will dismiss one of my favourite artists.

Listening, why? Simply because I find it a stunningly beautiful concept album, almost Schizophrenic and Mad Max like in setting, even if not considered as such.

Way, way ahead of its time.

So many good songs with real stunners such as:

Run Wild, Run Free - it becomes anthemic and repetitive, but the first 90 secs or so really show what Toyah is capable of vocally. Always sends shivers down my spine.

The Druids - stormtroopers.

Dawn Chorus - self-assured

Creepy Room - haunting

The Packt - powerful sci-fi like, never heard anything quite like it

Angel & Me - simply beautiful, haunting, human.

Listed too many, just listen to the whole album, I think several of the songs suffer by changes of tempo, but this album has always been enriching.


Paul McCartney - Unplugged the official bootleg.


Now Playing…

Over The Rhine - Drunkard’s Prayer

Streaming on NAS… Moving on to the music of Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler! This album recorded in their living room with Karin’s beautiful vocals and fantastic music from the Linford and the rest of the musicians in the band. Sweet!


Love this collaboration, Frank Ferdinand and Sparks, who’d have thought it would work so well?

FFS - self titled…



Agree with your opinion there Brown Owl. My first real introduction to JMJ was The Concerts in China which was screened on I think Channel 4 shortly before it’s release as a double lp which I rushed out and bought. Still my favourite of his


Original vinyl

Why? Hmmm…it sort of popped into my head.



CD - Alpha 2003 : )

Sophie Watillon - basse de viole
Friederike Heumann - hasse de viole
Xavier Diaz - theorbe & guitare baroque
Evangelina Mascardi - guitare baroque
Luca Guglielmi - clavecin

The late great Sophie Watillon, a student of Wieland Kuijken, and before her premature death due to cancer in 2005, a permanent member of Jordi Savall’s Hesperion XXI.

This highly recommended album will always serve as a reminder to how s Sophie Watillon was among the worlds best viola da gamba performers.

The Marais pieces are very relaxing and tuneful with fine melodic work and with excellent accompaniment. The sonic quality of the recording is typically top drawer Alpha.


Now Playing…

Prince - Prince & A Microphone 1983

Streaming on NAS… moving on to Prince with this newly released album from last September and it is mighty sweet! If you haven’t given it a listen it is certainly worth your time, ‘Prince sitting at a piano, playing whatever comes to his mind for just over half an hour’…