What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


Excellent on vinyl Dave :slight_smile:


Gabriel’s “Melt” album is my personal favourite, and “Family Snapshot” always gives me goosebumps, no matter how often I’ve listened to it, down the years. :hushed:


The B-52’S - Cosmic Thing, on first UK vinyl pressing. Not heard this in a while and time to give it a spin as it’s a true late 80s gem. Channel Z, Love Shack and Roam my favs, but it’s all good!


I know, I bought it when it was first released, I still play it today :slight_smile:

I love his live DVD’d as well, you can never get too much PG :slight_smile:


Robin Trower - Victims of the Fury - WAV CD rip
Another disc from the new boxset, and more classy blues and folk influenced rock. He’s a very very fine gittar player.


Gabriel’s best album in my view, and he’s made some good ones.


My favourite Free album. It has a special place in my heart as I saw them perform much of it live.



Marillion - Brave (Deluxe extended double album)



Beaux Arts Trio - Beethoven Piano Trios 1&2, WAV CD rip
Early Beeth9ven (Op. 1), still showing the classical period influence, lovely attractive music with a typically classy and lively performance from rhe Beaux Arts, lovely fluid piano from Pressler.


Joe Cocker - Sheffield Steel.

With Sly and Robbie onboard, how could Joe go wrong?

Probably his finest album, IMHO.


Coldcut. Outside the echo chamber. 2017

More a collaborative compilation, as ever from Adrian Sherwood with Matt and Jon.


Just ordered this (Thanks PB) and Jennifer Warnes’ Famous Blue Raincoat (Thanks @Eoink). Earlier Natalie Merchant- Natalie Merchant (Thanks @blackdogbarking). Waiting for Kacey Musgraves Same Trailer Different Park to arrive shortly (Thanks @MDS). Don’t need to worry about CD storage with my new toy.



It’s what this thread is all about, Phil. I’ve lost count of the number of wonderful recommendations I’ve benefitted from on here.




Haven’t played any Lana Del Rey for a while.


2 x LP - Rhino 2016 reissue : )

The Tori Amos album i’m most familiar with, after purchasing a freshly released CD copy back in 1996 and which got frequent plays on the system i had then back along - CDS player / 72-hicap-250 / SBLs.
The old system may have moved on ~ but the CD remains in my collection, but i know it’s blighted with CD bronzing bad enough to become no longer playable.
This vinyl Rhino reissue purchased a couple of years ago is doing an excellent job as a substitute : )


I hope you enjoy it :blush:


It’s a fantastic place this thread isn’t it Phil? People sharing their musical loves and finding new music through each other’s posts.


That was the first Tori Amos album I bought and it remained my only one for quite a few years. Until I joined this forum when my collection of her albums suddenly expanded quite fast. I seem to remember dayjay gave me several recommendations (his wife being big Tori fan). Don’t think I’ve seen dayjay on the new forum yet.


Ursula Rucker. Ma’at mama. 2006.