What are you listening to and WHY might anyone be interested?


Octavia Sperati, from Bergen, Winter Enclosure, 2005. Silje Wergeland, vocals, well recorded goth rock.


Thea Gilmore - Don’t Stop Singing - WAV CD rip
Gilmore took lyrics that Sandy Denny left behind while she died. She wrote music for them, and recorded this album. Sandy’s lyrics are poignant and moving, Thea’s settings do them justice and the performances are beautiful. Folk music of the highest class.


This Album came about from an LA session in 1963 with a handful of his trusty musicians , Sam Cooke’s glorious voice rightly taking centre stage . Turn it up !!

Night Beat by Cooke, Sam


For me it’s a complex process of learning about the main likes of various contributors and watching the frequency that certain artists and albums come up.

Once upon a time I limited myself to Charity shops but now I use Discogs a lot and the river if the price is good.

There are still areas such as jazz where at present my preference is the soft variety such as from the usual female artists. Although I do like the more well known Miles Davis albums.

Going to try Liz Wright (?) soon.





Saw this, played this, Peter Gabriel 4…

Why? It’s a close run thing for me between 3 & 4, the latter brings back memories for another post. And I love playing Lay Your Hands On Me loud, it’s an outstanding track.


I played 4 yesterday, it’s veryy enjoyable but 3 takes it for me forpure atmosphere :blush:





Mary Black - Shine

This is becoming a favourite. It now sounds amazingly good after lots of tweaks that bring out the beauty of the more metallic instrumental sounds, eg. I will be there.

Babes in Wood I really love, and it was easy to get it sounding good. Similarly The Collection.

She really has become a very versatile performer.



  1. So not so contemporary.


alt-j An Awesome Wave. It’s a willfully odd album.




Has anyone been to this recording venue, Henry Wood Hall in Glasgow?

Rachmaninoff Symphony No.2: Alexander Gibson + Scottish National Orchestra '80 Recording

The hall acoustics must be excellent. This is a nicely paced light touch but effectively expressive set.


**Pini Di Roma: Alceo Galliera + Philharmonia '57 Recording**

Not as heavy handed as Toscanini or Reiner, it has an almost ballet like lovely flare and flow to the tune. Transition to the slow movement has a magical aura. Galliera’s touch is light yet he extracts plenty of expressions. Less feet stomping in the March segment but expansive and regal like later Sinopoli reading.

Masterfully paced build to the finale. It does not have that extra bang but he gives a bit of a subtle accent just before the final note. Nice!

Spacious and atmospheric decent stereo recording. Above avearge low end details. On balance, this is an excellent remastering job. ( by Paul Baily @ re: Sound )



I sometimes think this album is unjustly overloked.