What are you listening to in 2020 and WHY might anyone be interested?

Juanita Stein - Snapshot

If you like your ladies this won’t disappoint.

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Thanks Andy. Will check my finances :slightly_smiling_face:

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Before your imagination runs wild, just some beautifully sung acapellas.


Big fan of the sexy gardeners.

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Now playing…

John Mellencamp - Other People’s Stuff

John Mellencamp (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), David Roe (Bass), Jay Bellerose (Drums, Percussion), Andy York (Guitar), T Bone Burnett (Guitar) and Miriam Strurm (Violin).

Streaming on Qobuz (96/24)… continuing on this afternoon and taking John’s December 2018 album release out for a spin… played a few of his albums yesterday and enjoy his songwriting, lyrics, music and vocals, and this afternoon he and the band is sounding mighty fine!


Google/Wikipedia refer to La Folia which was also mentioned here Handel's Sarabande and Beethoven's 7th Symphony 2nd movement?
With a cross reference to Tangerine Dream and Vangelis.
How that connects to Russia, I’m not sure


Lovely but I did feel that all the chat made it difficult to listen to again and again!

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Van Morrison - Born to Sing : No Plan B, a laid back vibe to this album.


Kathi McDonald - Insane Asylum


Thanks had look

Regarding Russian it just sounded like something the Red Army Choir would sing / hum.

I think your reference to La Folia is the answer.
Handel’s Sarabande was ‘covered’ by Sky one of my favourite groups form my youth which is subconsciously where I remember it from.

John Mellencamp Lonesome Jubilee

I want be hip like @seakayaker :grin:


Julie London - About The Blues.


John Hiatt Open Road


Now playing…

Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now

Joni Mitchell (Vocals), Phil Todd (Alto Flute), Jamie Talbot (Alto Saxophone), Anthony Pike (Bass), Chris Laurence (Bass), Chuck Berghofer (Bass), Mary Scully (Bass), Mike Brittain (Bass), Iain Dixon (Bass Clarinet), Dave Stewart (Bass Trombone), Richard Henry (Bass Trombone), Gavin McNaughton (Bassoon), Julie Andrews (Bassoon), Anthony Pleeth (Cello), Dave Daniels (Cello)Frank Schaefer (Cello), Helen Liebmann (Cello), Martin Loveday (Cello), Paul Kegg (Cello), Tony Lewis (Cello), Anthony Pike (Clarinet), Iain Dixon (Clarinet), Jamie Talbot (Clarinet), Nicholas Bucknall (Clarinet), Phil Todd (Clarinet), Stan Sulzman (Clarinet), Gavyn Wright (Concertmaster), Richard Skinner (Contrabassoon), Peter Erskine (Drums), Herbie Hancock (Piano, Soloist on tracks: 8, 11), Wayne Shorter (Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Soloist on tracks: 4 to 6, 9, 12), Andy Findon (Flute), Helen Keen (Flute), Jamie Talbot (Flute), Phil Todd (Flute), Stan Sulzman (Flute), Skaila Kanga (Harp), Hugh Seenan (Horn), John Pigneguy (Horn), Mike Thompson (Horn), Nigel Black (Horn), [Paul Gardham (Horn), Philip Eastop (Horn), Richard Watkins (Horn), John Anderson (Oboe), Sue Bohling (Oboe, Cor Anglais), Frank Ricotti (Percussion), Dave Arch (Piano), Neil Sidwell (Trombone), Pete Beachill (Trombone), Peter Davies (Trombone), Richard Edwards (Trombone), Mark Isham (Trumpet soloist on tracks: 3, 7), Andy Crowley (Trumpet), Derek Watkins (Trumpet), Gerard Presencer (Trumpet), John Barclay (Trumpet), Steve Sidwell (Trumpet), Owen Slade (Tuba), Bill Benham (Viola), [Bruce White (Viola), Catherine Bradshaw (Viola), Don McVay (Viola), Ivo Van Der Werff (Viola), Katie Wilkinson (Viola), Peter Lale (Viola), Rachel Bolt (Viola), Antonia Fuchs (Violin), Ben Cruft (Violin), Buguslav Kotecki (Violin), Cathy Thompson (Violin), Chris Tombling (Violin), Dave Woodcock (Violin), Dermot Crehan (Violin), Everton Nelson (Violin), Gavyn Wright (Violin), Godfrey Salmon (Violin), Jackie Shave (Violin), Jim McLeod (Violin), Jonathan Strange (Violin), Julian Leaper (Violin), [Kathy Shave (Violin), Maciej Rakowski (Violin), Matthew Scrivener (Violin), Michael McMenemy (Violin), Patrick Kiernan (Violin), Perry Montague-Mason (Violin), Peter Oxer (Violin), Rebecca Hirsch (Violin), Rita Manning (Violin), Roger Garland (Violin), Simon Fischer (Violin), Vaughn Armon (Violin), Warren Zielinski (Violin) and Wilf Gibson (Violin).

Streaming on Qobuz (96/24)… returning from a walk with my wife and heading into an evening exercise period so putting on Joni to keep me company and she and the huge talented group of musicians are sounding sublime!



Excellent choice. :+1:

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Ali Farka Toure (featuring Ry Cooder) Talking Timbuktu