What are you listening to in 2023 and why might anyone be interested?

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing - 1981 (2014 deluxe ed.)
Love this album, but first play of the expanded edition. Ms Jones singing Me I Disconnect From You? Yes, it actually happened.


Frankly, Mr. Shankly, I’m a sickening wreck
I’ve got the 21st century breathing down my neck


Love this.


Laurie Anderson. Mister Heartbreak.
Big fan of Big science but not heard this before but type of album that will get multiple plays. Thanks to @anon10403888 for heads up.



Quite a few clicks & pops, but a wonderful sounding red label Decca mono recording. Great Stones tunes


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George Michael - Songs From The Last Century

Abe Appleman (Violin), Diane Barere (Celli), Elena Barere (Violin), Herb Besson (Trombone), Virgil Blackwell (Clarinet), Arvil Brown (Violin), Jacqui Danilow (Bass), Marji Danilow (Bass), Lawrence Feldman (Woodwind), David Finck (Bass), Barry Finclair (Violin), Crystal Garner (Viola), Maura Giannini (Violin), Karen Griffen (Flute), Juliet Haffner (Viola), Corky Hale (Harp), Laura Hamilton (Violin), Joyce Hammann (Violin), Sheryl Henze (Flute), Kenneth Hitchcock (Woodwind), Jim Hynes (Trumpet), Regis Iandiorio (Violin), Jean Ingraham (Violin), Tony Kadleck (Trumpet), Jeff Kievit (Trumpet), Chris Komer (French Horn), Carol Landon (Viola), Jeff Lang (French Horn), Kim Laskowski (Bassoon), Ann Leathers (Violin), Jeanne LeBlanc (Celli), Diane Lesser (Oboe), Richard Locker (Celli), Dave Mann (Woodwind), Rob Mathes (Piano), Jeff Mironov (Guitar), John Moses (Clarinet), Rob Mounsey (Piano), Jan Mullen (Violin), Lewis Nash (Drums), Laura Oatts (Violin), Caryl Paisner (Celli), Shawn Pelton (Drums), Charles Pillow (Woodwind), Sue Pray (Viola), Tim Ries (Woodwind), Marcus Rojas (Tuba), Roger Rosenberg (Woodwind), Stacey Shames (Harp), Mark Orrin Shuman (Celli), Pamela Sklar (Flute), Andy Snitzer (Woodwind), Byron Stripling (Trumpet), Marti Sweet (Violin), Donna Tecco (Violin), David Tofani (Woodwind), Carol Webb (Violin) and Ellen Westerman (Celli).

George Michael - Songs From The Last Century

Streaming on Qobuz (44.1/16)… taking a lead from the ‘Greatest Male/Female Vocal Performances’ thread and taking George Michael out for spin to hear his version of ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ track compares to Roberta Flack’s version… His second track ‘Roxanne’ is sounding mighty sweet and looking forward to the rest of the album!


Crossroads Eric Clapton Guitar Festival 2007.


It’s good the 2003 copy allows us to connect to the music and experience the enjoyment (or nostalgia). My original copy purchased in 1977 was probably a re-issue and probably far better, but i parted company with it in the 90s so these remasters are all i have to go by. This evening i played the 2011 reissue and TBH the again the music gets in the way of thoughts on remastering, but there remains a sense i prefer the differences on the 2003 job :shushing_face:

It’s obvious the early analogue editions are where it’s at, however i would far prefer to listen to my remastered copy on my present rig, rather than with an original copy in the family living-room on my parents music centre with rusty nail stylus furrow-plowing it’s merry way along the groove…


One of Bill’s best latterday albums, on a fine-sounding 1990s CD:


Great record.

Yes really out of order

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An absolute classic.

Celine Dion, my love - essential collection. Haven’t played her songs for ages. Happy birthday Celine Dion. :partying_face: :birthday: :tada: Thank you @Debs. :smiling_face:


That’s from the new album out tomorrow I think (Chapter 3).

I’m finding so many female fronted metal bands on YouTube at the moment that I’ve not heard of before. Mostly on Napalm or Nuclear Blast labels. There must be a big market for this kind of stuff.

There are also some enchantingly funny ones which are just over the top but strangely enjoyable. I’ll have to post a few examples.

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Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly

Roberta Flack (Piano, Vocals), Ron Carter (Bass), Eric Gale (Guitar), Ralph MacDonald (Congas, Percussion, Tambourine), Kermit Moore (Cello) and Grady Tate (Drums).

Streaming on Qobuz (192/24)… continuing on this afternoon with Roberta and listening to one of my favorite albums from the 70’s and she is still sounding sublime! As far as ‘Killing Me Softly’ being song by Michael and Roberta… my vote would go with Roberta’s version. Her next song track ‘Jesse’ on the album is also fabulous…


George Michael

Ladies And Gentlemen… The Best Of George Michael



Alexander O’Neal - Hearsay - 1987

This and Janette Jackson of that era get a few plays due to the Jam/Lewis production, just so bombastically 80’s.


Sly! On a 1980s Edsel reissue LP:


Cheesy as hell but I have it on vinyl somewhere.

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