What are you listening to in 2023 and why might anyone be interested?

Samara Joy - Linger Awhile

Listening to the SHM-CD version, will have to follow up with the original and see how they compare.


80’s cheese continues unabated, To Whom It May Concern, The Pasadenas, 1988.
I tell you what, there are no Roger Water’s type lyrics going on here, in fact the lads sound full of that vim and verve of yesteryear.



Qobuz/Roon 44.1/16




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Richard & Linda Thompson - Shoot Out The Lights

Richard Thompson (Accordion, Dulcimer, Guitar, Hammer Dulcimer, Vocals), Linda Thompson (Vocals), Stephen Barnett (Trombone), Lal Carthy (Vocals), Martin Carthy (Vocals), Mike Carthy (Vocals), Norma Carthy (Vocals), Stephen Corbett (Cornet), Mark Cutts (Trombone), Phil Goodwin (Tuba), Clive Gregson (Vocals), Brian Jones (Cornet), Dave Mattacks (Drums), Simon Nicol (Guitar, Rhythm Guitar), Norma (Vocals), Dave Pegg (Bass), Lal Waterso (Vocals), Mike Waterson Vocals ), Norma Waterson (Vocals), The Watersons (Vocals) and Pete Zorn (Bass, Vocals).

Streaming on Qobuz (444.1/16)… A mention of Linda’s ‘Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed’ track was mentioned on the ’ Greatest Male/Female Vocal Performances’ thread so I thought I would give the album a listen. Richard, Linda and the band are sounding sweet and enjoying the opening tracks! …it has been awhile since it has been out for a spin.


Ooh yes, have that too.

The mid to later 80’s were really dire in general musically in the UK but there were little bits of fun.

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Sisters Euclid - 96 Tears

Sandy Dillon (an interesting lady and singer) and Ray Majors (he of Mott)


Agree, so much shocking stuff, the thing is my 17 year old daughter keeps asking me for 80’s recommendations. Talk about pressure!

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Late 70s/early 80s is far easier as there was unrivalled stuff around at that point - primarily thinking new wave and early popular electronica as well as the ‘big boys’ like Duran Duran/Spandau/Japan and so forth.

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Don’t think I can listen to her voice for long but interesting taking on The Stones’s Dead Flowers.

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I think the formula is mix - 1 part Macy Gray, 1 part latter day Marianne Faithfull and 1 part 50 cigarettes a day.

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I doubt anyone could have kept quite all this time.

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That was one of the test albums, along with such dreary crap as Clive Gregson & Christine Collister, used with monotonous regularity by Hi-Fi Review. But I was a fanboy, and bought them all. Played most of them once then sold.


Ad Infinitum, chapter 1 - monarchy. Very conflicted this morning. So many wonderful suggestions from everyone. Going to start with this. Have very good evening, night, morning, day everyone. :blush:


You’re kidding! The 80’s were great. When I turn to oldies, that’s the decade I go to first. Although I will concede that loads of stuff was Fairlighted into submission.

Sly & The Family Stone – There’s A Riot Goin’ On. Another '80s Edsel LP:


Aha! So it’s an exclusive, a scoop from this retired journo.

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Yep still have Gregson and Collister. They were pretty good live, but I only enjoyed one of the albums.

Early to mid 80’s were great then I discovered hi-fi and most of the late 80s stuff was awful.