What are you looking to buy in 2023?

As per the title really. What new gear are people hoping to buy next year?

I’m hoping to get a streamer at last (hopefully Naim) but we’ll see.

Same here. ND5 XS 2, maybe in January for my Birthday, but maybe not🤷🏻‍♂️


SuperLumina Din/Din and pair of Din/XLR to finish off our system.


New speakers subject to home trial. Kudos 606? :thinking:
New parts for my triggers broom. Need to consult with the Dark Lord himself on this one.
A Nakamichi something or other. Always wanted one, so it’s time to scratch that itch. Plus I have many home tapes of John Peels radio show on Thursday nights back in the seventies that need to be heard again.

Then again, I have almost convinced myself that I need an Emtb (mountain bike) so I can continue to hurl my broken, ailing and ageing body around the mountains and forests of Europe. Hmm, fancy socks, or crash helmet and knee pads?


a naim source (ND5 or n-DAC) to match my system ariva/nait 5i

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Having treated myself early this year I heartily recommend: Increases range, speed or duration of ride - and on rough uphill the extra power enabling choice of speed gives more control. But beware weight if you have to lift over gates etc.


Nothing, absolutely nothing next year. And I mean it, truly, honestly.

Oh hang on! I do need a pair of active speakers to get my Auralic Vega back into use, perhaps in the office. But that really is it and after that nothing else, and this time I really mean it. Honest!



I have no major plans yet for spending beyond normal living, other than we’re overdue for a holiday to somewhere exotic ((Vietnam & Cambodia, or Peru/Ecuador, or Philippines again, or Japan again, so will likely do one.

Other buying choices undecided and will depend on as yet indeterminate factors:
Hifi might get a replacement amp, or not (I still have to assess whether desitable/justified for my recent speaker change). Maybe a replacement renderer, depending on when I decide to finally replace Audirvana, or if Mac Mini fails.
Campervan needs a few bits following our first experience, but pretty trivial.
Telescope: uncertain - I need to modify the wedge I bought, while I might buy a dedicated camera for it to try sophisticated astrophotography, but early days yet (insufficient good viewing nights) so undecided.
Car hopefully will last with no need to replace given that secondhand electric still not really viable.
Nothing needed with bikes at the moment.
Ditto camera & lenses.

Will buy a new soundcard, beryllium tweeters, aluminium profiles for the speakers. And perhaps a new house.

It all depends on how my first system works in France, especially the Naim SL2. If they work as well as I expect over there, then absolutely no changes. If not then at some stage new speakers of some description. Either that or something radical to keep a good result and at the same time reduce the box count

Already committed to this year but not yet realised are a power supply upgrade for the Innuos, a GigaWatt breaker, Doepke RCB and a second PS for the ND.

I would like to fine tune my room treatment but it will mainly be a power supply focus next year, mains cabling specifically. Possibly an in wall cable upgrade and mains leads. Not decided yet whether to stay with a power block or add multiple sockets.

Phoenix net is a possibility.

After that, I can’t think of anything more I might want to do…

Peace on Earth. Might not afford it though.


Well, 2022 turned out to be an expensive audio-year for me. New Vivid speakers, a new 250DR, a few PowerLines and some Witch Hat stuff. I will be trying to keep things down a bit for 2023… :upside_down_face:


For sure a XS3 and maybe a ND5XS2 to come back in the game :smiley:


A new house! Almost there. We’ve had a few fall through but things are looking good. Currently renting and system is boxed up! Hopefully, not too many issues with the room when we get there! :grinning:

Enleum Amp 23-R provided it lives up to expectations.


The NAC552 and NAP500 that I ordered most likely will arrive in early 2023.

Next hopefully if my finance allow, would be eyeing for Focal Scala Utopia to take the place of my current Sopra N1


Surprising…for something that is actually free.


Looking for a new amp for replacing my SN 3 with HC. Looking for Gryphon 120 or Alluxity Int One Mk2 . Also looking forward to the new offerings from Nain.

  • Second turntable for the Naim system
  • Stageline (already lined up with my dealer in the UK)
  • New system for the dining room. Probably TEAC pre/power into JBL monitors (honestly, it’s a studio-ish looking dining kitchen so it will pass approval by Mrs. FZ no problem)
  • New Denon AV amp.
  • ATMOS 7.2.4 speakers (my local dealer is sorting this out as I type)

New house scheduled for completion in June so plenty of scope and room for new toys here and there.