What are you preparing for dinner tonight?

Pan fried Cornish hake steaks on a stew of butter beans, chorizo and red peppers


Top marks there :yum:

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Dead easy - type in hake, chorizo and butter beans and you get to the Abel & Cole recipe. Very cheffy but little skill required!


Looks yummy

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I like to hone my knife skills whenever I’m preparing food because I consider texture to have an important quality. Here is finely sliced carrot:

Wishing everyone a lovely start to the week :relaxed:


I would have no fingers left😉


Those knives are very difficult to sharpen and need a lot of practice! My experience of them.


I share the same experience and I practiced for several years before becoming proficient at using whetstones.

This is the Tormek T-2 and it will sharpen a dull knife in a few minutes (I use the T-8 for versatility):

Wishing you a lovely afternoon :relaxed:


Fantastic machine, researching now! Thanks


Lentils with preserved lemons, beetroot and zhoug.


My sort of food…looks delicious

Well ‘zhoug’ is something I’d never heard of - what a great sounding name!

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Braised beef potato cake and roasted greens.


Any recommendations for the zhoug or is it home made?

Just grabbed a small pot in Waitrose (own brand). They typically had loads of Belazu stuff (many on offer) but no zhoug.

Local Waitrose is no longer stocking caperberries much to my annoyance, I think I must have bought their remaining stock which was discounted but jars had a very good date. I hate it when they get rid of products - their chicken breast with skin on the bone used to be great but they stopped stocking it. Naturally I probably need a decent butcher or to hone my knife skills!

I’m salivating… :crazy_face:

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I also failed miserably to sharpen a Global knife with a whetstone.

That Tormek looks great - hardly a spur of the moment purchase unless you are a professional I’d suggest but when it’s cheaper than a Powerline you have to wonder given the danger of blunt knives.

The recipe was…

For the zhoug
cumin seeds ½ tsp
green cardamom pod seeds from 1
coriander 30g, leaves and stalks
parsley 20g, leaves and stalks
green serrano chilli 1, seeds and pith removed
garlic 1 large clove
lemon juice 1 tbsp
extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp
water 2 tbsp

toast the cumin and cardamom seeds in a dry frying pan over a medium heat for a minute or so, until their aromas are released. Transfer to a mortar and pestle, and crush the seeds. Then place them, along with all the other zhoug ingredients, in a small food processor and blitz with ¼ teaspoon each of salt and black pepper.

however I cheated and used waitrose own brand for this first time… will make my own next time.

Waitrose appear to be replacing alot of name brands with their own, our local one has replaced all the barts spices and the range has reduced as a result, they have capers in both the antipasti section and the cooks ingredients section which is odd and cant make stock taking easy. They do appear to suffering from supply issues for ‘interesting ingredients’ no doubt due to brexit or/and covid… hopefully will improve next year.

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Thank you very much, I have no idea how authentic the Waitrose one is but your dish had me intrigued.

Me neither, will compare when i make my own but looking on the web it appears to be quite a loose ingredient list with alot of regional variations apart from a few key things

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Sausage & Mash with Broccoli & Gravy
Simple but both filling and satisfying😋