What are you preparing for dinner tonight?

Tormek are the original modern whetstone grinder. I originally came across them used by wood carvers, a fine stropped finish essential where the finish from the tool is the only finish you can get. Woodturners started using them but found that too smooth a finish wasn’t quite working. My theory is that with some items a slightly rough edge is better. A shiny whetstone then stropped edge is great for carrots, but doesn’t work on tomatoes. For me, a scallop edge breadknife makes it easier to finely slice tomato or cucumber.
There are alternative brands, Record Power are good, but watch out for some of the multi-badged ones. Definitely try before you buy, if only to make sure the wheel is concentric.
If you get one, buy a couple of pound shop knives to practice on before your Global.
The Tormek website now shows a T1 kitchen knife grinder, diamond wheel, but only available in Sweden.


Well this air fryer gadget continues to impress with small joints.

Pork in this instance cooked at 140C for around 75 minutes vs 2 hours recommended in an oven.


Cheers it was very tasty, I’ve become a huge fan of roasted cabbage. Drizzle a little olive oil some pepper and pinch of salt you do need to keep an eye on it as it only takes a 10-15 minutes max. Hard not to singe the top but a bit of colour never hurt anyone. Sure beats how we use to cook it, boiled till it had no taste or texture.


Pork in cider casserole, with onions, carrots, mushrooms and thyme.

When it reappears from the oven, it gets finished with fresh cream and served with parsley mash.

That’s a piccy from the recipe webpage, and if my effort tastes even half as good as that looks, I’ll be well happy. :pray:



Was intended to be a traditional Welsh cawl but ended up being a vegetable soup with both lamb and chicken.

Wow that was both tasty and filling.


So up in the wilds of North West Donegal.
Shipped out with not only 2 Zalto Burgungy glaases, but also the Sous Vide tank and ‘pipe’. Cooked a small fillet joint for 3.5 hours at 55.5 deg, then seared on top of a wood burning Chimera.
1st serving served with Mash, onion gravy and a South Africa Reserve Syrah. Amazing.
2nd serving, served pre-sliced cool in foil packages with Red wine Gravy, and Horseradish between layers, served with Sauted potatoes and a Cote de Rhône - delicious

Chilling out to mobile music service, with a lovely Bouzeron, in the Zalto’s.


Your curry looks delicious. I almost always put cauliflower florettes (gobi) in my curries, goes beautifully.
I buy Basmati rice in 10 lb bags. We usually make 4 cups (raw) of rice at a time and freeze it in sandwich bags so the meal is a bit quicker. It freezes very well.


I have a small Rice Cooker, basically a 2 person size.
Cooks all forms of Rice beautifully, automatically and then keeps it warm until you need to serve.


Yes, the rice cookers work very well. I’m just amazed at how well rice reheats after freezing. Much of the rice we make is served with or under a curry, so we throw in some cloves to season it. The clove flavour is subtle tho so it’s fine with other dishes. Tonight we had an excellent chicken korma.

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Slow cooking some pork belly at the moment - just threw in some veg to cook in the pork fat. Lazy cooking is the best. The chillies I grew myself (outside) - been a good year for them.

I’ll coat the pork with honey, soy sauce and ginger a little later.


To quote Crowded House, now we’re getting somewhere…


To quote Bryan Adams, I’m finding it hard to believe I’m in heaven…


Bresaola e mozzarella di bufala.


Beef curry :curry: with pilau rice :rice:

Already in fridge , stick in oven, cook gently . Not a day for cooking :shallow_pan_of_food:


Greek food called souvlaki not same like gyros it,

s pork meat marinaded 3 hours earlier by lemon juice,oregano,tyme,extra virgin olive oil,salt the pork is later placed into skewers grilled. for the sause i made a tzaziki sause it haves garlic,cucumber greek yogourt olive oil,salt. all comes into a pita brad and tomatos and red onions are added.


Thanks, was wondering what to have for tonight’s dinner without going to the shops.

On a day like today, it simply has to be The Best of British … … … so it’s bangers and mash, Chez Dave, later on. :scotland: :uk:


Would that work with chicken instead of pork ?

That looks good too. Simple meal but tasty.

probally yes

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