What are you using to drive your headphones?

I asked a very specific question earlier:

Maybe too specific! A better question would be, what are you using to drive your headphones? I am curious if many people are satisfied with the headphone out on the Naim integrateds, or if they have had better results with other solutions.

Please list your headphone amp solution along with your headphones. I am trying to gauge if it is worth buying and external headphone amp, versus the headphone out on my SN2.

I have the Violectric V281 Final Edition headphone amplifier from Germany. Headphones are Sennheiser HD800 S and Audeze LCD-4’s.
Besides the built-in headphone amps in various Naim devices and Naim HiCap DR/Headline 2, I’ve also had the Bryston HP amp, the Chord Dave and Chord TT and many other ones.
The Violectric is clearly the best I’ve ever owned, even better than the Dave.


I have a SN2 and have now gone with a Heed Canalot with the Obselik PX power supply. The Canalot is run off a NDX2/XPS DR using the analogue RCA output. Headphone are HD800’s. This Canalot with the top range power supply is in a different league to the SN2 headphone output TBH.

RME-ADI-DAC FS and it’s integrated Head Amp. Lovely with my Focal Elears.

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I use the headphone output on my Nova for my Meze 99 Classics and very good it sounds too


Hifiman he 1000 v1 + audio gd he-9


I use Meze99classic with output on my Atom and I am happy with it. Is Nova output is better or same like Atom?

I believe it is the same on the Atom and Nova but happy to be corrected

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Having tried the solid-state units I settled on a Stax SRM-006ts, valve based energiser. Whist there are other alternatives to Stax, the Stax system does seem to reduce the temptation to deviate.

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I use an Auralic Taurus II to drive my HD 800 cans.

I had a Headline 2 with non-Naim PSU (roughly Hi-Cap level) and that was much better than the Uniti 1’s built in headphone output.

I now have the Violectric V281 and that is another distinct step up.

I have a Trilogy 931 taking output from my 272 into my focal headphones.

Sennheiser 650 from Headline 2 & NAPSC 2 on my office system.
Sennheiser 420 from Olive Headline & NAPSC 1 on SWMBO’s office system.

Trilogy 931 from flatcapped CD5x into Focal clear.
Clear and precise sound for classical and jazz piano.
Cds must be well recorded for best effect.

Agreed. Easily competes, if not betters my Audioquest Dragonfly Red connected to my MacPro. Same headphones as well - good choice!

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Graham Slee Solo plus Meze Classic 99

Grado GS3000e, Woo Audio Fireflies, fed from an NDS, with CustomCans low capacitance phono leads.


Chord TT2 / HMS headphone amp driving Meze Empyreans… also Sennheiser 650s… but as you would expect much of what the TT2 offers is hidden with the 650s.
When portable use AQ Cobalt into the 650s, or Hugo Original into 650s… or when mobile Apple AirPod Pro…

But for me the Empyreans are something else… phenomenal.


Really don’t like my Atoms headstage with the Mezes or any other it’s just really anaemic and a tad dull.

Chord Hugo TT
Sennheiser HD250 Linear II