What beer are you drinking and WHY might anyone be interested?


Stateside beers are awesome. With as many micro breweries popping up as Blighty. Although most of the ciders taste like green jolly ranchers.


Watching the cricket with a bottle of Three Castles winter ale …

It was a present from a neighbour which I was saving for the cricket. The cricket is so bad I need something stronger … perhaps back to the wine for the cricket tomorrow


Great beer from the Wye Valley. Their pub in Gloucester, the pelican, is worth a visit.


But my local, the Woolpack in Slad, serves my preferred ale.


As you can see from my avatar (Marble Manchester bitter) I’m partial to a pint or two. I’m struggling with a bad cold at the moment, but once recovered will post details of some of the bottles from my “cellar”.


Will be off to a local brewery in Brixton on Saturday to have a brewing lesson and we get to make 20L or our own brew. :sunglasses: hic!



It’s still around but now unfortunately owned by one of the large breweries. I still drink Chancer however it’s getting harder to get as it seems everybody drinking IPA’s.


That’s a bit classy for a Northland boy, thought you and the bro’s drank lion Red up there :grinning::grinning::grinning:
My ears have recovered from you blasting them at Shore HiFi last year - remember, think you were demoing your totems


Duvel for me tonight. A staple in this house! One of the only Belgian beers that I can get locally.


Draught Bass from the White Star or the Casa Bar Liverpool.
Has the bottom fell out of your world
Drink draught Bass
And watch the world fall out of your bottom. :sunglasses:


Great beer, first tried it at a little bar called Dads Office in LA. It’s now available in Aus.


At the Horse and Jockey in Lichfield. Great pub, great beer.


Beer, what’s that? Looks like dish water and tastes the same. Gotta be cider, anything over 6.5%, preferably 7+. I’m particularly fond of Cornish cider or scrumpy. Your good health sir or madam. Hic.


I do enjoy a Strongbow :wink:


Usually I go for the craft beers, but the traffic was too bad yesterday to get to the Kensington Tavern.

Yes, sorry about the ear blast with the Totems, I was trying to wake John up. Anyway, I got a pair in the end and are enjoying them right now whilst the girls are at school.


Another heads up for Belgian beers in general, and this one in particular. I haven’t seen them in ‘child-size’ bottles, like here though-only in single-serving sized ones!


Made it through ‘dry’ January so celebrating tonight with this which I bought on holiday in France last year.


I am partial to a bottle or 2 of this. Spitfire ale.

X-referencing to the Brexit thread, I wonder if the person at the BBC who ran the Spitfire sequence post TM, had in mind the advertising campaign for this beer some years back.

Look it up on the search engines - it elicited some complaints to the ASA.


A ‘real ale’ drinker, finding most lagers rather bland and often too gassy (and ciders too much like apple-flavoured vinegar!), my present favourite when I find it is this:

Okell’s MPA (Manx Pale Ale).

And that will be my first pint tonight, and very likely 2nd, 3rd and maybe 4th… Probably my favourite beer of all, perfectly suiting my taste: A light, refreshing, intensely hoppy ale, bags of intensity unlike some golden ales, with the benefit of being only 3.6% so I can drink more if it!

And my staple for home drinking is this:

St Austell’s brewery Proper Job.

To my taste it is the best ale routinely stocked by my local supermarket, and a fine ale it is, too.

Of course, there are always other ales to try, and especially if I’m in a pub where there are ones I don’t know I’ll ask for a taste - which these days is almost invariably given freely.

At home I always prefer bottled to canned, because with the latter I feel I can always test the can. Of course a take-away container of draught is better!