What beer are you drinking and WHY might anyone be interested?


Estrella Damm.

Not really a fan of lagers, continental or otherwise, but I find this one just hits the spot perfectly.

A pale lager brewed in Barcelona, it works well with most food, and is also refreshingly drinkable on it’s own, on those (now) long forgotten hot summer days.


Proper Job is indeed a fine bottled beer and quite widely available.


Very nice 9 hop pale ale from Kent making a change from my usual 300 Degree Brewing and Longman APA offerings. Bedlam is also excellent.


25 minutes to go until my first pint of the eve, indeed my first pint for Bearly a fortnight (I don’t think a pint of wine counts!). Unfortunately given the unhealthy dry January in which many people seem to have indulged, I fear the pub will be packed and it might delay getting the pint pulled, as well as the hassle and noise making it less convivial than normal… But the MPA will make up for it before long, I am sure!


I’m fortunate enough to have an excellent brewery near me … Proof Brewery … this Pale Ale is very hoppy and sharp, almost on a par with an IPA … though they do make an IPA as well which is uber hoppy. AT 6.5%ABV this Pale Ale will have you dancing to the music after a couple …


Dr Thirsty’s No. 4 Blonde. (Wytchwood brewery). Currently my go to beer and only £1.29 a bottle in Home Bargains.



The best stout I’ve ever tasted, been my favourite for several years now.

Leann Folláin, brewed in Carlow.




Because it’s Scottish, craft, and delicious.


Ah, Fullers London Pride. My ‘home’ brewery when I first started drinking ( a little before becoming 18!). Yes, I always liked London Pride - though I have only ever drunk draught, not canned, so I don’t know how they compare.


When buying from supermarkets/shops I used to get all the different continental beers (German, Chech, Polish, Belgian etc), most were nice but the most instantly satisfying beer with taste is this one below, quite local St Austell brewery in Cornwall.




A bottle of dog as a Friday night treat. Was my first legal drink many years ago - but not drink it was then - more like the amber S&N used to do.



I did find Newcastle Brown OK once upon a time- but later found it quite unpalatable. Later I learnt that they had changed the formulation, adding bitterness and/or other flavour in the form of chemical additives, not simply the normal ingredients of beer - maybe that was why I went off it. That may have coincided with the move to brewing at the former Federation brewery in Gateshead.



What more could you ask, the view the weather and a pint of


We are spoilt down here in Cornwall


Yesterday I was out for some food and noticed they served Red Stripe. Not a usual beer to find round here and one I do really enjoy the flavour of. No pics as I was too busy drinking I guess!!


St Austell brewery again - such a good brewery. Mena Dhu is a fine beer which I have had when on holiday in Cornwall. Fortunately, St Austell brew an excellent bottled beer for M&S, which I suspect is closely based on Mena Dhu, called 6 Malt Stout, which is widely available.


Quite a few pics on the thread with no text naming the beer. There were a number of members on the old forum who were poorly sighted and relied on text-to-speech tools to ‘read’ posts - which do not work with text in images. I don’t know if the same people have joined the new forum, but in case they have, or others join, can I suggest that it would be more inclusive if all posts with photos were to include some text saying what is in the picture.


Skinner’s Betty Stogs at the Farriers Arms in St Albans. Because it is a nicely balanced ale in a hostelry which hasn’t changed in the 20 years I have lived here.