What beer are you drinking and WHY might anyone be interested?



Beer class has begun


Caribbean place for lunch and Red Stripe today. Both very good!


More footage please! Sounds like an excellent day!


As you wish. Drinking beer whilst making beer. Joy of joys!


Some more tasters.


Wonderful footage! Must be a great day. I have a friend with his own (garage) brewery in Norway and he brought me 24 individually labelled bottles of his brew and it was wonderful! I can only imagine the joy of brewing your own and having a ‘tasting’ session with some great music!! The time the beers were brought to me we did similar and avoiding the Naim system we set up outside and the volume eventually set fire to the speakers! A GREAT night for sure!


Boiling away. 5 mins to next stage.


A firm favourite of mine. Most Fridays and Saturdays I start with a St Austell Proper Job - and will so today as well :slight_smile:
Have you tried their Big Job Double IPA?

Just about to brew an Oatmeal stout.


I don’t mind the odd one these every now and then. I much prefer the lighter coloured ales though.


I bet you’re having a great time :grinning: What are you brewing?


An English Pale Ale with a slight American hop influence for the last hop stage before it gets bottled. All done now have to wait 3 weeks before we come back and pick it up already bottled. All 20L of it :slight_smile: Really good fun.


Never would have thought Barley could taste so different with different methods. We go to taste it from all around the world. Then we sampled hops and chose the ones we preferred to use. Again massive variance of smells. Can’t wait to taste the finished product as the intermediate tastes pretty good.


It’s great fun isn’t it :grinning: You’ll be brewing at home in no time!


I used to think the same about tinned beer, but thinking about it most tinned beer I thought didn’t taste right would most probably not taste right in a bottle. Certainly tinned beer once didn’t have as good reputation - but looking at the shelves in supermarkets they seem very popular.

Here’s a link to an article about the recent trend of tinned beer.

When you drink draught beer at an establishment, it comes from either a keg or a cask and they are really big tins.


Thornbridge Green Mountain.


£1.25 a bottle from Aldi


I’ve had a few of these lately and they really are excellent!


My son is a big fan of Einstok and I agree. Check this one out.

Wheat malt, pilsner malt, oats, Bavarian noble hops, coriander, and orange peel.
5.2% ABV.

Their Porter is also truly outstanding.

Lager malt, Munich malt, chocolate malt, Bavarian hops, and authentic Icelandic roasted coffee. 6% ABV.


This is my favourite beer, you have excellent taste :grinning: