What beer are you drinking and WHY might anyone be interested?


Ilkley Brewery Pale Ale.

Crisp and dry, with a zesty aroma. Powerfully hopped for a floral finish.

No suprise to be posting this one, since it’s generally agreed that the best beer comes from Yorkshire, tha knows…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Shipyard American IPA.
Have spent a little while in Oregon and extensively trying the craft beers, and there are many. Glad to see this being very popular back home. Not as Uber as some American IPAs which can get up there in abv and bitterness, with this for my taste - especially if super chilled and poured in a Belgian beer style glass is one to nurse.


I drink a lot of Shipyard now that its getting more common in pubs on draft. Wonderful beer.


Filling a flagon with a craft beer is a thing at the local wholesalers here.

This is a Lakeland Brewery, Hairy Hop IPA. Living up to its name, with a big fresh flavour and citrus follow through. Just right at 6.3% to smooth the edges off a busy day of construction sites and planning meetings for a cycleway and cycle trail.


This is a really nice beer that is becoming more popular and more readily available all the time. Brewed in Camden Town which for those that don’t know is an area in North Central London .


Camden Hells is indeed a fine beer - quite moreish in fact.


A standard go-to beer, widely available and another of my favourites…


Nethergate Six Nations Glory on cask at the Mermaid


A nice brew indeed … the Sierra Nevada folks opened a brewery in Asheville, NC a few years ago … I think that makes around 30+ breweries in that small city … as they say though, you can’t have too many breweries …


Another favourite:+1: Their Torpedo IPA is also lovely!


Wrong glass and a bad pour and even worse than that not quite cold enough! Still tasted good and it lasted only a few minutes anyway!


A proper old ale tonight from Harvey’s in Lewes West Sussex


Apologies to Harvey’s - East Sussex!!


Just the job on a cold winter’s evening.


Bristol Beer Factory : Low Rider

Horse and Jockey, Lichfield.


Yes it’s only a Corona but sometimes it’s where and who you’re having a beer with. My favourite way to end the week, a cold beer at our local surf club


A bottle of my own Trippel IPA

I normally brew for flavour but, as an experiment, made this this back in the summer. Bottled in August it comes in at around 13% abv and was a little sweet at the first few trial bottles.

a few months in it is maturing nicely

and i have high hopes for Christmas 2019…


A very good Japanese brewery.



St Austell Proper Job in the White Lion, Hampden in Arden.