What benefits more: XPS-DR with NDX2 or nDAC if you had both?

I’ve tried searching for specific usage examples but have come up with nothing, so I thought I would ask out of curiosity for those who may have had experience with this. How would one utilize the XPS-DR for the most benefit sound-wise if you owned both an NDX2 and nDAC. Do you connect the PSU to NDX2 or nDAC for the best benefit if you’re to keep both…or am I completely wrong in thinking there’s a benefit to both?

Definitely on the NDAC. That isn’t to say that you would hear no difference if it was on the NDX when ysed with a separate DAC, but I would only bother when using it without.


In your case the NDX2 is just serving as a Digital transport, (in fact it may just as well be an ND5 XS2) so as Chris said probably on your nDAC. Of course you would be able to prove this yourself very quickly - let us know the outcome.

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