What boxset are you currently watching?


Just started on the complete series of this. Managed to avoid all the discussion & hype when it was originally shown so am able to watch in complete ignorance - so no spoilers please! :smiley:



image https://www.amazon.de/Lost-Die-komplette-Serie-Discs/dp/B00GU40HTE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1548144048&sr=8-1&keywords=lost+serie

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Walter White is the one who knocks :yum:
Not a spoiler and you have along way to go before that will make any sense.

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RackKit, You in for a treat. I found it a slow burn at first, but a few episodes in and I ended up watching more than one episode per evening (which I hardly ever do) when it first came to Netflix. Bryan Cranston is sensational too.

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Martin Chizzlewit

Probably my favourite Dickens novel and a fantastoc adaptation:

I think this may have been the last thing that John Mills did.



18 discs of superb soot nostrilled nostalgia.
I can’t believe it was 5 years ago i bought his big box set

About time i got on board for another trip : )

Volumes included are:
Vol- 1 On and Off the Rails.
Vol- 2 See Britain by Train.
Vol- 3 Running a Railway.
Vol- 4 Reshaping British Railways.
Vol- 5 Off the Beaten Track.
Vol- 6 The Art of Travel.
Vol- 7 Age of the Train.
Vol- 8 Points & Aspects.
Vol -9 Just the Ticket.

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