What cable/adapter to connect a Core to an external DAC

I’m currently using my Uniti Core with an Atom (stream through Wi-Fi)
Now, I’m thinking about adding an external DAC to an existing second system and hook the Core to that. I still have a Naim DC1 cable ( BNC at both ends)from a previous system built around a DAC V1.
Can i use this cable to connect the Core to the external DAC?
I havent chosen the DAC yet, but as i’m looking for something affordable on second hand market, it will most certainly have both SPDIF and Coaxial inputs but unlikely to have BNC input at all, as Naim own DAC V1 had.
However, I’m very reluctant to get rid of my DC1 cable, so i’m just wondering if some here could show me pics of the appropriate adapter that i should use to hook the Core to a DAC, preferably using my existing cable? I remember the Core came with an adapter of some kind but don’t remember whether that can be used with an “ordinary” DAC with RCA Coaxial inputs or SPDIF inputs?
Please help as i’m a bit lost here :grin:
Many thanks

If the dac has SPDIF output, you can use NAIM DC1. If not, like only USB, you will have to buy an SPDIF to USB cable converter.

The DC1 will be fine. It should have been supplied with an adapter for use with RCA sockets, which works, although perhaps changing it for a BNC to RCA version would be neater.
I find DC1s a bit of a cable dressing nightmare and now use a different coax cable which seems to work just as well despite being far cheaper.

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Hopefully your chosen DAC will have a coaxial s/pdif input, ideally on BNC, but even if only RCA Phono, you could use a 75ohm adaptor or else get the DC1 re-terminated with an RCA phono at one end.

Here’s what such an adaptor looks like:

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thank you so much Richard,
that’s very helpful.
Is that the same kind of adapter the DC1 is normally shipped with ?
i just don’t have have the original package under my sight here, but before pulling the trigger on a D’accord cheaper then my regretted DAC V1 i wanted to make sure i could use the DC1.
and you’re right about the DC1, it’s just too damn rigid and a nightmare to fit. But since i kept it so long, i thought i’ll spare myself a headache looking through the cables jungle out there.

I’m not aware that the DC1 ships with any adaptor.

For performance reasons, Naim would traditionally prefer you to use the best and most appropriate connector, avoiding adaptors unless absolutely necessary.

Thanks so much

Hi all. Hope you’re all well.
I just spotted a Musical Fidelity X DAC V3 at a bargain price (2nd hand) and intended to pull the trigger on that one. However, I just realised the MF user manual specifies that the DAC will not be compatible with MP3 material. Do you think i’ll have compatibility issues when streaming from the Core to the DAC?

I can see why this would be a problem unless you have mp3s stored in the downloads folder of your Core. If you have, you can convert them to a compatible format easily enough using suitable software on a computer.

many thanks ChrisSu;
and yes, i do have some MP3 files stored in the dl library of the Core.
Any suggestion for a free suitable software ? (i’m using Mac)

iTunes/Apple Music would do it.

I’m afraid Apple music will convert the music directly on the Mac only, i may be wrong but I think you can’t point the conversion, on the fly, onto something else than an Apple device. It will convert the file in the Music app library, not somewhere else.

You need to import the file into Apple Music, having set the Import Settings to convert to your chosen format. I would suggest using AAC if the MDAC can play these otherwise you will end up with larger files if you choose a lossless format such as WAV.
Then just copy the new file back to the Core downloads folder to replace the mp3 version.

Brilliant ChrisSu. thx
i guess, given the age of the MF, accepted format will be quite limited as compared with today’s standards.
Thanks anyway.

Yes, but it’s odd that mp3, the earliest widely used lossy format, is the one that’s not supported. Still, no big deal if you get them converted.

mp3 was once patent encumbered, they expired in the US between 2007 and 2017. For a long time there was considerable insecurity about which patents had to be licensed, as several organizations claimed to be holding patents on parts of it. As the MF is so old, I suppose they wanted to avoid licensing costs and the headache

how interesting :face_with_monocle:!! i ignored this. That explained why so many of the dac from same era won’t convert MP3. As i already have a full X series component, i’ll still buy the MF DAC, it’ll complement neatly with the amps and CDP.

Sure, as Chris said you can easily convert the mp3s to something the MF can work with

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