What coffee are you drinking, how do you brew it and why?

I have spoiled myself horribly with coffee as I can no longer drink anything bought from a supermarket - all stale. And I dislike very strong coffee - or, rather I like strong coffee where the flavour is from the bean rather than the roast. I don’t wish I could go back exactly, but it is quite restrictive when out and about.

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I understand your dedication. Sadly I drink coffee rarely, although the grind from the Waterside has perked my interest again.
I store my beans in the freezer - is this an anathema ?

I don’t actually know! Some say it’s fine, some not - I have never done it myself. Just make sure I keep in airtight container. I use within max of six weeks from roast date, that’s the main thing and grind at the last possible moment

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I use a V60 filter method, and Kenyan AA beans. Because I like the flavour profile of medium roasted beans.

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I’ve stored beans in the freezer in an airtight bag and they’ve always been fine.

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Same here. Luckily for me, there’s a couple of great independent coffee shops in Birmingham where I live.

This is useful to gauge if I’m getting my espresso at home right.

They do some really good beers too!

The Kinu grinder I used is made really well with decent sized 68mm burrs. It also has virtually zero grind retention and is nice and compact.

I’d like to try the hg one, so if you fancy a swap for a week or so let me know!

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I love em. You can go all around the world of coffee in about 12 weeks (depending upon consumption rate). Sometimes they are even on a twoferafiver etc.

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I purchase my coffee through a monthly subscription from Blue Star Coffee located in Washington State. I buy bags of whole beans and grind my own for each cup. The three blends I currently buy are:

Expresso BlendEspresso Blend El Corazon de MexicoRoaster's Choice: El Corazon de Mexico and SuperNova DecafSupernova Decaf

I make one cup at a time using the simple method of pouring hot water over freshly ground beans. Sometimes drink it black, sometimes with a spot of milk.

I use this method because I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and find grinding the beans for each individual cup gives me a great tasting result.

Simple and works for me…

(I also have a local bakery in the neighborhood that uses Blue Star coffee and I occasionally meet up with friends and enjoy Blue Star outside the house as well)

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Plumbed in Quick Mill Verona, with a rather ancient Mazzer grinder.

Always buy my coffee from Has Bean in Stafford.


Under Pressure in Sutton Coldfield is excellent if you ever come north of the city.

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A friend who works at Starbucks recently gifted us some of their Rwandan beans from their exotic line (their espresso blend is pretty much our standard go to). I was skeptical until I opened the package and the smell and later the taste just bowled me over. Highly recommend if one can get past the price and still actually find it.

Not used any Has Bean for a while - been to a couple of events there, though over the years. Should buy some before I switch back to espresso

Always have a decent selection for all types of brewing, fair prices, fast delivery.

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Since I last used them i have got switched on to pour over, which is what they generally aim for I think. Will make a mental note to get some from there next

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I used to use Pact and then I thought I’d give Has Bean a go which is loads better. Really fond of their Jailbreak blend which is a tasty and a really forgiving coffee to brew.

Drinking some of that as I type…

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:small_blue_diamond:Great that there will be a new thread about coffee.

I started a thread about coffee-machines and coffee at the end of March,.but it has closed now.
So this was nice,.to get some new tips.

I am trying to try most of the Swedish market,.I have had time to test about 25 different coffee-beans since the end of March.
This in the picture I’ll try tomorrow,.is there anyone here who tried these beans.

:small_orange_diamond:A question for you from the UK: Do you still drink most tea,.or are you starting more and more going over to coffee.?


I’d definitely say coffee is more popular.

I used to drink Cafédirect Machu Picchu (I like coffee with a chocolate overtone) but have recently switched to decaf. The problem I’m having is finding a decaf coffee I like as much.

I always use a cafeteria to brew it, I do have a coffee machine but it’s stored up in the loft as I haven’t really got room for it. I also use a cafeteria at work.

Sorry but that is very wrong for UK according to www coffee industry data
UK drinks 70m cups of coffee per day, compared to 165m cups of tea.
The average UK male coffee drinker has only 13 cups per week, per week, thats less than 2 cups per day, females drink even less.

Coffee arrived in UK 17th century. The first coffee cafe was opened in Oxford in 1650 & were called ‘penny universities’. The world famous shipping insurance house Lloyds of London started off as a coffee house & was a meeting place for people in the cargo & shipping business.

The top 5 coffee countries (coffee consumed per capita)
Finland – 9.6 kg
Norway – 7.2 kg
Netherlands – 6.7 kg
Slovenia – 6.1 kg
Austria – 5.5 kg
UK consumes only 1.7 kg