What coffee are you drinking?

I know that there are a lot of coffee aficionados on the Forum so I thought it would be fun to start a thread where people can share interesting coffees. I’m going to open with the Christmas Blend from Horsham Coffee Roaster. A blend of Brazilian, Costa Rican and Rwandan beans roasted to bring out chocolate and orange notes. Freshly ground in my Wilfa grinder and used with an Aeropress. Delicious!



My favorite coffee brand. I lived in Alaska for a few years and this was the go to brand for us hands down. Of their roasts, mostly drink breakfast blend for the drip machine, wicked wolf for my espresso drinks, and the occasional seasonal fare, mostly fall and winter blends. So yummy! Now, what machine or machines do you brew with?! :slight_smile: Separate power supplies for each? :laughing:


Oh yes - and at least 3.5m of untwisted cable!

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After many years of faffing about with different beans and blends, this machine and that machine, different grinders, morning coffee or after dinner coffee, etc. I came to the conclusion that for me, a cafetière or aeropress were the best machines, with Monsooned Malabar being the coffee of choice. It’s a great all rounder. Doesn’t matter whether you get it from the supermarket or a specialist, it tastes the same.


Keeping with the Festive coffee, @crispyduck crispyduck, I’m currently enjoying this Ethiopian single origin from a roaster local to me - Blending Room in Hull. I’m enjoying it both as Aeropress and as espresso.


Nice one!

A favourite of mine too. But can be a bit marmite for some, like many Asian coffees. I’ve had some Indonesian coffees that are distinctly savoury in flavour. Enjoyable to experience in their own way.

It helps girls have an education, helps revitalise a National Park after years of warfare and poaching , plus it helps elephants

And when I’ve finished with the grounds, they go into my compost heap and come back as a tomato


Lavazza Gold for me, used to make cappuccino with the lovely La Pavoni machine - second only to the Linn/Naim/QUAD as the best engineering in the house.


Kimbo … di Napoli (where else?:))
Espresso or hob, depending on mood and time of day


Tastes so nice :coffee::coffee: in a rainy December :cloud_with_rain: morning while listening to my favorite country Christmas songs​:heart_eyes::christmas_tree:


This is my everyday coffee and again it is from HCR. Appropriately enough it is called ‘Workhorse’ and is a mixture of Brazilian and Rwandan coffee. It is a light espresso roast so perfect with an Aeropress and is excellent value for money


Done the whole specialist beans from this, that and the other vendor, both High Street and Online.
Now we just buy Italian Medium and Colombian Dark from Sainsbury’s and mix them 50/50. Coffee provided courtesy of our bean to cup filter machine set on strong.
Morning, Noon or Night it provides a most delicious beverage.

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Oh I am an appalling coffee snob (so I am told :slight_smile: ). Have not found a supermarket that sells anything other than stale beans so I avoid

Currently finishing off some beans from Casa Espresso based near Bradford - very good value (and free postage above £20 I think) and not been disappointed in anything they have supplied to me. The only roaster who says don’t consume sooner than a week from roasting

This summer had several kg of beans from Carvetti who are in Threlkeld near Keswick

About to tuck into 2kg of Neighbourhood coffee beans over Christmas (one for espresso and the other for V60) - not had anything from them for years but remember one lot tasting of Terry’s choc orange :yum:

Other very good roasters are Foundry coffee in Sheffield (but quite pricey - was tempted by one limited edition today that is £64 per kg :exploding_head:) and Hasbean near Stafford (also pricey), of and Atkinsons in Lancaster though they are a bit up themselves


Sometimes, some of this:

But usually, lots of this:

And all taken care of by one of these.

Sorted. :yum: :yum:

(Sorry to have dropped the standard of things like this, but Jura + Taylors of Harrogate suits me, just fine).


This is a problem, as most don’t state a roasting date (just best before date) The only common option is Union coffee available through Sainsbury’s, that states a roast date. Good emergency option.

All recommendations gratefully accepted. It’s all gravy

Gravy ?


Choice v restricted in our local (small-ish) Sainsbury’s but have used that option on holiday. Though when on hols this summer sadly the youngest I could get in a flavour choice that I potentially liked (ie, not v high roast) was over three months old anyway - the youngest in a high roast flavour was 6 weeks which is extremely young for a supermarket. Usually 4-6 months or more where a date is given. I don’t like anything over 3 months as a rule

I have a monthly subscription from Blue Star Coffee Rosters located in the Pacific Northwest delivered to my house which consists of several bags of…

Expresso Blend

…and a couple of bags of…

SuperNova Decaf

Life is Sweet…