What connections to use on a NAIM NAP 6 50 SIX CHANNEL AMP

I have had this amp set up for me in a 3 way active system but need to move the entire set up soon and would like to clarify the correct inputs just in case.

Anyone got any info on this amp?

Thanks in advance

Mike, an unusual application for the 6-50. Which crossover are you using?

Naim preamp, Snaxo 3-6 with non-Naim power supply driving Linn Isobariks via microrendu and Chord Dac.
The challenge is that it none of the speaker terminals are marked so to get right combination of L/R bass mid treble is a mystery and he effect of connecting the speakers wrong may be expensive I guess.

OK thanks. Note I have edited your post to remove the name of a company who have in the past told Naim that they do not wish their name or products to be mentioned or discussed on this forum. Naim did not wish to get into a needless dispute, so agreed to their demands.

As for the Isobariks, I’m no expert here, so would defer to someone who has experience running them active.

I take it you have everything setup and working now ?

If so can you label each cable (and take photos) so that as you disconnect everything for your move you have a full record of the connections, especially around the critical SNAXO / Amp / speakers connections.

Interesting setup anyway :+1:

Why not put a different label on each wire, take a photo and keep it safe? Maybe that’s too simple.

Yes, I think James has a good idea here. If it’s still set up then carefully label the speaker cables and draw a diagram of which goes where at the isobaric and at the 6-50 end.

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Hi thanks for that image. I guess connection should be logical, chase the bass mid treble feed cables from Snaxo 3-6, work out which zone each is connected to and take speaker feed accordingly.

Using this amp was an interim low cost solution and has served me well but I will soon move to three NAP amps on main system and move this amp to my studio.

I agree I could photograph it, trouble is I can’t get to the back to take a picture and cant move amp forward enough without unplugging cables to see the rear so a bit of a catch 22.

As to how it sounds, I am not going to claim any excellence as I have no comparison but openness and spaciousness is evident over other systems I have here (2 way active Linn Ninkas). The set of Isobariks I am using has 40 year old drivers with deterioration on roll surround of the B110 mids but I have another pair of Isobariks mid refurbish and a set of brand new drivers burning holes in boxes waiting to go in. Once these are bedded in it may be easier to form an opinion.

again thanks for your help


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That’s a pretty neat idea though. Good use of this rare amp.

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