What DAC is used in the cdx2.2

I’m after what DAC is used in the cdx2.2 is it the same as in an nd555??

I’m sure someone will know, but if you want to know if it will sound the same it is the full DAC stage implementation you would need to know about, not the basic converter chip, jyst as a standalone DAC is far more than the chip(s) it contains.

If you mean what DAC chips were used, the CDX2 used a pair of Burr Brown PCM1704Ks with a PMD200 Oversampling filter. The ND555 also uses PCM1704Ks but with a far more sophisticated overall DAC design with Naim’s own bespoke SHARC DSP oversampling and digital filtering.

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Also what DAC chip is in the nds, I’m trying to work out if I’m best playing cdx2.2 through superlumina cable straight into preamp or through a dc1 into nds and to preamp through supelumina from nds both cdx2.2 and nds have xps2dr’s on them

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Not sure about the DACs but assuming that a CDX2.2 is a good transport (I think you can), I suspect the NDS option would be better. Never heard them anywhere near back to back, but I don’t recall my CDX2 sounding anywhere near as good as an NDS.

I do wonder whether it would sound even better with 1x 555DR powering the NDS as opposed to the two XPS2s

Plus you’d save a shelf and/or a get back a bit more cash

The NDS also used PCM1704Ks along with an earlier iteration of Naim’s SHARC DSP oversampling and digital filtering.

You should try both ways - but be careful of the signal earth settings. The CDX2 has the signal earth connected so if you have both connected up to the pre-amp at the same time then the NDS or ND555 should be set to floating on the back panel. You don’t want two signal to earth connected sources connected to the pre-amp at the same time, otherwise performance of both suffers and differences are not so clear. The best way to compare is to only have one connected to the pre-amp at any time.

Although the CDX2 has a less sophisticated DAC implementation, going direct does avoid the s/pdif interface. However, that may not be enough to trump the better DAC implementation, the discrete analogue stage, and the mass-loaded suspension system of the NDS.


@Richard.Dane Just on that signal earthing point is there anything that should (or can) be done when you have a no Naim source connected - my Qutest for example. It is connected with a Chord Anthem 2 RCA to DIN cable. Does the earthing issue disappear when RCA comes into the mix? Thanks. Alan

Further to Richard’s response here is a very brief description of the PMD200

24-Bit 192kHz HDCD Decoder

The PMD200 HDCD Process Decoder is a sophisticated Digital Signal Processor that performs precise decoding of HDCD encoded audio recordings. The Decoder also functions as a state-of-the-art digital filter when fed data from non-HDCD recordings. It is designed to interface directly with popular data receivers and digital-to-analog converters, eliminating the need for conventional monolithic digital filters. The PMD200 has been carefully designed to maximize performance and ease of use in a wide variety of applications. The PMD200 uses the high performance, single-clock-per-cycle DSP56300 core family of programmable CMOS digital signal processors from Motorola.

I don’t know about the Qutest Alan. Sorry.

This is just the streamers, I think there’s another list somewhere with the cd players as well.

Did anyone call me? :innocent:

Year CDP DSP DAC Comment
1992 CDI Philips TDA1541A-S1
1995 CD2 Philips TDA1541A-S1
1995 CD3 Philips TDA1541A-S1
1997 CD3-5 Philips TDA1305 (s-d)
2000 CD5 SAA7376 (18-bit 4x oversampl) Philips TDA1305 (s-d)
2003 CD5i Philips UDA1330ATS (s-d low cost)
2007 CD5i SAA7324 Wolfson WM8706
2012 CD5si PCM1793
2005 CD5x Pacific Microsonics PMD-200 HDCD Oversampling filters PCM1704K 24-bit
2009 CD5 XS Pacific Microsonics PMD-200 HDCD Oversampling filters PCM1704K 24-bit digi-out
1998 CDX PMD-100 PCM1702U-K 20-bit
2002 CDX2 Pacific Microsonics PMD-200 HDCD Oversampling filters PCM1704K 24-bit
2009 CDX2.2 (spdif) Pacific Microsonics PMD-200 HDCD Oversampling filters PCM1704K 24-bit
1991 CDS(1) Philips SAA7220 4x-oversampling digital filter Philips TDA1541A-S1 OP42 op-amps
1998 CDS2 PCM1702-K 20-bit
2002 CDS3 Pacific Microsonics PMD-200 HDCD Oversampling filters PCM1704-K 24-bit
2006 CD555 Pacific Microsonics PMD-200 HDCD Oversampling filters PCM1704K 24-bit

Great information in those two tables, thanks for compiling them!

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The CDX has HDCD too?

Yes, The CDX and CDS2 had HDCD too thanks to using the Pacific Microsonics PMD-100 Oversampling filter.


And sounds very good

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