What do you Audiofiles spend on your TV as a comparison?

Assuming we are all HiFi nuts, I’m interested to know how much as a proportion of our HiFi we spend on our TV’s, which these days are Highly Technical appliances, and watched possibly for many more hours than our HiFi gets listened to, and probably has more functionality.

Please can you work out the following sum?

(Rough cost of your TV if you brought it today) / (Rough cost of your HiFi setup if you brought it today) x 100

  • 0-5%
  • 5-10%
  • 10-20%
  • 20-30%
  • 30-40%
  • 40-50%
  • 50-60%
  • 60-70%
  • 70-80%
  • 80-90%
  • 90-100%
  • more than 100%

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On this forum, the short answer will be : less.

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Our current telly (5 years old now I think) was ‘free’ from Currys on my credit card points. c. £600 ISTR.

A good survey @GadgetMan. Oddly, yesterday evening I was listening to Radio Paradise on my MuSo (which sits under the TV and is also used as a sound bar) and thinking that the MuSo cost more than my TV!
My main HiFi is used for many more hours each week than the TV, and needless to say, cost many times more :slightly_smiling_face:

I was expecting figures to be really low, but that’s based on what I suspect rather than know. Of course when Plasma TV’s first came out, it might have been a different survey, but nowadays TV’s are so cheap, and they seemed to have come on so far, whereas HiFi systems haven’t really changed or got drastically cheaper. Of course Streamers are probably the big change, but other than that, I dont see any big brake through’s.

Just your TV as a single item or should any additional sound equipment be included I.e. soundbar, AV amp, surround systems etc associated with watching TV ?

well soundbar should perhaps be added to TV costs. With AV, then if you brought it mainly for its AV functionality, then add that on too to the TV. Just a bit of fun, you decide in the end :slight_smile:

My answer is perhaps a little skewed by the fact that all my hifi is s/h but TV is new.

I’d like to claim the 2.0 audio gets more hours of use per weeks than the 5.1 video, but with the rest of the family around, I doubt that’s actually the case.


I guess @GadgetMan was referring to just the TV itself. In my case the attached MuSo is for music, but it’s convenient to use it as a sound bar because of its location!

Mine too partly, but go for equivalent price new

There will be overlaps, so let you all decide for yourselves how you would split it logically

Don’t worry, I did read the equation!

Don’t have a tv. Music, reading, making models, housework, no time or inclination to watch tv.


No :tv: necessary :smiley:


I have the TV sound playing through my main system, so arguably it costs more than the hi-fi. Ignoring this, I would say it would cost about 5% of the system to replace. BTW, TV doesn’t get much use.

…last TV purchased was 2004 and I thought it was expensive at the time and a lot less then 5% of what I paid for my current stereo system. If I buy a new one today it still will be less then 5%…

I bought a new TV last year, and wanted a sub 40 inch screen size, of which there is very little choice. I settled on a Sony 32 inch set, which cost about £350, a tenth of the value of my current HiFi set up. For the money, the Sony has a very good picture, the sound is less good, but it is connected to the HiFi so that matters little really. Had there been a wider choice of models and sizes, I would have spent more, however the next models up were all 43 inch, which I felt was too big for my current room, so I was forced to settle on this model.

For me, this begs the question whether TV manufacturers are missing a trick on catering for purchasers like myself who want a smaller, premium TV set? Or is this market very small, with most people these days being more concerned about having a large screen size at an increasingly low price?

TVs seem to get discounted quite quickly (as many ranges are refreshed each year), unlike Naim (although some Nait XS2s about for £1300 new, but discontinued). My Sony was around £1200+ when it came out, within 8 months or so, it was down to £800.

The thing I’ve learnt with TVs, is wait until the price drops, don’t rush in for the sake of a few months.

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As little as possible on the telly, much rather listen to music.

I really don’t watch much. My wife does. Last summer I bought her a new 65" LG OLED CX for the living room, to replace a 10+ yr old Samsung DLP that was starting to suffer from dead pixel cancer. A couple weeks ago I bought a 48" one (same model) to replace an older 42" Samsung LED in the bedroom. Now she has the same TV, same smart TV OS (software interface), same features on both. Cost for both was a little over $4,000. Replacement cost of my hifi at retail is about $110k.

Add to that, the bedroom TV uses a Mu-so Qb2 for audio. The living room has a NAD 5.1 sound system with Dynaudio Audience (72, 62, 122C) speakers and Dynaudio Sub500.