What do you Audiofiles spend on your TV as a comparison?

For a lot of people on here 100 x (TV cost) / (Hifi cost) will always be a very low %.

That is blurred for those of us who use the preamp outputs of an AV amp to feed our Naim amplification and drive the front L and R channels. Certainly in my house, the Hifi is in a family room so although I listen to a lot of music, the main use for the system is probably on AV duties.

Running my old plasma into the ground !

It had a mid-life refit with a Panasonic HD recorder/receiver.

Just before Xmas 2001 (I think, maybe +/- 1 year) we bought a Pioneer 50" plasma from Peter Tyson. One of the first plasmas with an HDMI input.

Cost £5000.

OK the analogue tuner is no longer of any use (replaced, these days, by Amazon FireTV stick.

But the bloody screen will not die! Not a dead pixel in sight. So no real excuse to get a new 65" job.

Sound system is a Full fat Meridian DSP 5.1 setup, all bought S/H/ex-demo/end of line/etc - total cost around £10000


A top of the range B&O on the occasion of my retirement. I hope it lasts as long as my previous B&O TVs, about 15 years each.

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£350 a year ago, so 1/10 of a supernait by itself. Add in the rest and the % drops significantly.

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TV is in another room to HiFi so I’ve included the surround sound setup for the TV in the TV cost. That brings it to about 30% of the total HiFi cost chez nous. But I listen to music far more than three times as much as I watch TV, but that does include the second system in my office.


I find it very difficult to answer this ‘quiz’. If I just count the TV against my other stuff, then it would be <5%.

However I actually have my AV integrated into my hifi, and run my `>15 years old 40inch Sony TV (similar spec machine now only about £300, I think). This I listen to via my Arcam AVR850, with the front channels running through my 552 to a NAP 300DR. And don’t forget the cost of the Oppo 103 and the PS4 etc which are also connected to it. And do the front speakers of my n-System count towards the estimated cost of the TV? (I never use the TV’s own speakers even when I dig out my old PS1)

Value of the hifi system >£50,000, so if you include the cost of the extra bits I mention, then 10-20% might be more accurate, which is the figure I have entered into your questionnaire.

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I think our TV was a similar price to one of my interconnects.


I bought on of the last 55” plasmas that Panny made and 6-months before the warranty expired I had an issue with the frame coming away from the chassis.

After a long argument with Panasonic (they claimed that because the TV was in a room with a window the sun’s heat melted the glue) and a few emails to their CEO, I received a spanking new top of the range 65” 4K LED and they let me keep my plasma.

The plasma is in the spare room and the 65” in the lounge.

I’ve also got an Epson 4K projector with 110” screen for sport and movies.

Combined they were c.£5k.

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Yup, very well acknowledged, you can now start on the road to recovery! :slight_smile:

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What’s TV!!!


When I bought my current TV from my hi-fi dealer and not from the local Curry’s etc there was good reason to do so. My RH 802 needed to be out of the way along with an OPPO and other PVRs plus the integration of the new TV. The old TV was removed, the wall made good behind, nice, and the new one fitted. Took a good afternoon as all the connections are concealed via an attached garage. I paid top doller but got a fully working new one with no hassle or damage.
The old TV is used by the son of a friend for video games so the value of an old TV is not much above zero.
TV struggles at the moment with Covid to make quality progs. On a Saturday night they gave up years ago.

TV is worth approx 1.5% of the current value of 3 systems around the house. It’s a Panasonic about 12 years old.

If this were a home cinema forum then maybe TV would get more love. I listen to music without TV on. I retreat to second system when better half wants to watch TV program that I don’t share the same love for.

That said, I would buy the best TV I could afford within reason and budget because Mrs David loves her k drama. When it is a concert / orchestra / nice music material, we put system on hdmi so audio goes to Naim and it is divine. I might even turn on the movie sub. :smiley:

As difficult as it is to shop for hi-fi, I find shopping for a tv even more difficult. The range of video adjustments alone mean that an ideal picture has to be dialed in and can’t be judged in a quick look the sound can’t be judged easily either and most stores are completely unfamiliar with how to get the best out of a set. Even now, I doubt my set is set optimally but their are also too many adjustments that I don’t want to go near. I just buy a name brand (usually Sony) and live with it forever, despite the “new and improved” those same companies tend to shout every 6 months.

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I will not change the Tv until it ‘dies’. I calibrated my Sony using the setup discs which came with my Oppo bluray player.

Mine is at 1%

I watch movies/netflix/concerts, there are benefits from the best quality TV , why wouldn’t there be ? you want the best sound/picture quality ?

I’ve spent more on one of the Chord Signature interconnects between my 272 and 300 DR than on my TV.


Absolutely this - the hi-tec stuff seems to start at 48-50 inches, so the smaller UK livingroom friendly sizes (say 43 and lower) just get trickle down technology. If someone came out with a premium mid size set, I reckon they’d sell out - as really no competition. Or at least, I’d buy one!

In many ways , this thread could be linked to the thread about the importance of sound quality v the importance of looks. For many, our living rooms would look awful with the large tv sizes, so cannot buy a top of the range set (i.e. large TV) even if we wanted to.

And a question: OLED is the main screen technology in top of the range smartphones (which typically have 5 to 6 inch screens), yet deemed “not worthwhile” on TVs less than 48 inches). How’s that decision made?