What do you do when you're on a listening session?

When you’re settled down for a lengthy listening session, do you just sit there staring into space, lost in the music or do you read / play on your phone / surf the web?

I LOVE listening to music, but I find it near impossible to just sit there and not continually check my phone, or read these forums!

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I just listen to the music. If you are distracted the maybe you need a source upgrade…? :thinking::wink:


Listen to the music. Usually have the lights off.

Very often exactly this. Lights not off but certainly low. Mrs. H. is often reading next to me so there are compromises to be made.

Listen only.

I regard a good session just as I would going to a live concert or dropping in at a recording studio. If you’re not giving it your full attention I would expect you’re not going to get the full experience back .

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I almost invariably listen to whole albums. Doing that, I sit there, sometimes intending to do some internet research or whatever, but rarely getting on with it because the music draws me in. I suggest that if others don’t find music draws them in either their system (which includes room setup) has something wrong or they are listening to the wrong music!

I don’t turn the lights off - the dark would be distracting with spurious lights like from indicator lights - though often I set dimmer than I would if I was sitting with no music playing.

@Richard.Dane, I wonder if this and the How do you listen to music thread are so similar as to be better merged?

I scratch my… @barflyleon they do have medication if you can’t just sit still and listen.

@barflyleon, noting your system is listed as SN2, you may find it helps to get a source and speakers, which might make music engage you more… :grin:

Read a book or watch a foreign movie on mute.

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The title should be changed: what do you do when you are listening to your breath?
( if your system is only the SN2).

I do nothing, just listen to music. The reason why my sessions are generally not longer than 1 hour. I need a break after intensive listening.
And no, nothing is wrong with my system or music IB. :joy:

But why do you need a break? It is not tiring at all listening to good music on a good system. It must be your choice of music that is wrong! Indeed, with some of the things I know you like, I’m amazed you last an hour! :grin: (joke)

But I know we all have different tastes, and you might say the same about my choice of music - though I can listen for hours and hours, mesmerised and not tiring of it.

You always seem to be searching for something to improve (e.g. cables, switches etc) - that also suggests you are not fully satisfied, so does it bear trying to examine why? I don’t mean this in any way criticising, nor to start an argument, just an honest question, as food for thought rather than needing an answer.

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Why do people think their way of listening is the right way and everyone else is doing it wrong?

Very arrogant.


I can be working in my studio but more often just listen. Occasionally I might read.

I’ve been listening more and more in my car. Where I’m not bothered by barking dogs, UPS, FedEx, Wife… all kinds of distractions.

I do read on my phone sometimes…but mostly just sit in gaping wonderment.
And a huge grin lately.

A lot of my listening is via headphones late at night, which have me mesmerised: hours and albums go by.


I’m not a multitasking person, I can’t listen to music and read at the same time. It’s either one or t’other. If I read, the music just washes over me and I don’t hear it. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t have background music on, it’s pointless, I don’t hear it.

However, I’m governed by my stomach, I can eat and drink at the same time as listening to a record. :grinning:


I’ve recently been decorating and building bookcases in my wife’s study type room. In the next bedroom a pair of Ruark MR2 speakers streaming from the NAS via mconnect on my iPhone.

It has been a most enjoyable experience, songs on shuffle, hearing old favourites and tracks I can’t recall hearing before.

Not sure anyone enjoyed my singing along though.

I hope that wasn’t directed at the me, because I have never suggested my way is right and others wrong. I ask simply because I am the author of the post it followed, which often means a post is aimed at the immediately preceding one.