What do you put your record cleaning machine on?

I have a Project RCM, around 3 years old.

It’s currently in a different room to the LP12 - bad I think as after cleaning I cannot believe how much dust seems to get sucked onto LPs moving from one room to another.

The Project is darned noisy and rests on an old coffee table next to a networked printer.

Biggest issue for me is that it’s too low and my back aches bending to clean a record.

So, for a manual RCM what is your preferred siting/height/supporting furniture, same or different room?

Suspect there is an Ikea solution I need to find…

I used my VPI on a fairly solid old desk which brought it to a comfortable height. It was upstairs from my system in a box room. I transferred cleaned records to a new antistatic inner sleeve, either Nagoka if the album had a printed inner or Goldring if it didn’t.
Now using a Degritter which is automatic.
Since moving to Montpellier I’ve had more static problems, after playing a side any dust around would jump onto the record when lifting it, a bit of cationic surfactant in the cleaning water eliminates the static.

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I put mine on an IKEA Lack.

I don’t find it too low.

The speakers are approx. 1.3m tall,excluding the Townshend Podiums if that helps.

I used a four bay IKEA kallax. Idle height to stand up using the okki and plenty of storage for new sleeves and cleaning solutions.

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Mine have no static after ultrasonic washing and I am surprised that “dust seems to get sucked onto” yours.

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The obvious way to avoid “dust [being] sucked onto LPs moving from one room to another” is to put the record in an antistatic sleeve as soon as it’s dried before moving into another room.


A Fraim of course (and it’s connected to a dedicated spur using a PowerLine), makes the result sound much better.

(Note: I don’t possess a TT!)


Absolutely - maybe the house was just particularly dusty that day as I’d been moving things around in the room where the LP12 is, and hoovering as I went, that would undoubtedly have disturbed dust.

Another factor maybe was that I was cleaning a couple of LPs I’d either left on the platter for several days, or had left out of their sleeves as I couldn’t find the inner. Bad practice I know - never did that sort of thing until CDs came along!

I was waiting for that!

Surfactant like the Ilford stuff?

Desk height is probably what I need, and would be ok if in another room as currently.

clearly ive got too much time on my hands


Neat little table. That’s probably about the height of the coffee table, unfortunately too low for me, aches on the side of previous disc surgery (no pun intended) when bending to use the brush on the LP.

I have something similar frm Ikea with a lower shelf that currently has a phono stage and NAC 282 on it - far from ideal but until I move the main equipment to a different room I’m still undecided what to replace several decades old racks with - Fraim would be my preferred option, but may not go down well domestically, though the existing racks are pretty ugly.

Is that a 2x2 Kallax?

I have some of those holding vinyl, mostly 8 bay, 2 x 4 types, the 4 bay high vertically is definitely too high, but looking at one now 2 bays high (2 x 2) would probably be just right with the height of the cleaner… I don’t think they make 2 x 3 designs (though found some hacks to do this online) but suspect tehy would be marginally too high.

I’m quite lucky in having a drawing board set at chest working height as I mostly stand when working, and this is the perfect height for using my Okki Nokki as I’m not leaning over the RCM. I tried it table height and hated using it at that level. The only annoyance is lugging the RCM round before and after (stored under the drawing board).


May have been as I’d just been moving items/hoovering in the room with the LP12 so had stirred up dust, or possibly due to the room with LP12 being far lighter and showing up surface dust I just didn’t see in the darker cleaning room.

Also, I generally clean with both the Project cleaning solution and a second run with a mixture of purified water, isopropyl alcohol and Ilford surfactant, but skipped the home made solution on this occasion as I primarily wanted to get bad surface dust off a couple before putting them in their sleeves, leaving a more thorough clean for another time.

Nice. Wall mounted on a shelf would probably be ideal but I’ve never trusted my skills for wall mounting things - no idea why but never had much success using Rawplugs etc for fixing even light items such as roller blinds.

Good solution if you have the space for the desk - I’ve still not invested in one for the study, but it would be used with some pretty heavy monitors which would not be the sort of things I could easily swap in/out with a RCM.

Yes, a happy accident if I’m entirely honest as it is just at the correct working height, so no back strain leaning over the RCM. All I do is clear the art kit (stored below) out of the way, put some towels down and get to cleaning REKIDS (Fremer’s term), so all nicely contained really.

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I’ve got mine on an old TV stand and I keep it on the upstairs landing. When I’m going to use it I slide it across to the top of the stairs (it’s on castors) and then while standing on the stairs there’s no need to bend …

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Mine lives under the stairs. It goes on the kitchen worktop when in use.