What does a XPS DR bring to the party?

Hi, I have a 272 and was interested in what improvements a XPS DR. I’m unable to demo one. I have heard a Nait XS 2 without and then with a flatcap and it was a nice improvement (say 10-15% if it could be measured). But that was a $2000 AUDPSU on a $4000 AUD amp. But with an XPS DR we are talking a $8000 AUD PSU on a $7000 AUD streaming preamp. I have optimised nearly everything else I could, power cables, network cables, linear PSU on my NAS and switch. About the only thing I can’t do is a hifi stand, I had a custom made entertainment stand made, I could put some isolation shelves under the 272 and the 250, can’t do new mains power. I think the next itch I scratch is the XPS. I’m pretty happy with my system now, it has a nice clean sound, plenty of detail, I’m just looking for some more, energy, dynamics/impact from the drums. A 555 is a bridge too far. Would anyone be able to give a quantifiable value (if that is really possible) on what the XPS brings or how it improved their system?


Fellow Aussie @Pete_the_painter has a XPS DR on a 272 and should be able to give you a view.

The XPS DR makes the 272 more natural and real. It’s a more solid sound, more relaxed. It just gets you closer to the music. It’s very good and I’d recommend it. If you could find a used 555 DR it’s way better again, but if the XPS is your limit then I don’t think you’d be disappointed. Ignore what each of the two boxes cost and simply decide whether you feel the two box package does what you want and represents good value to you.


Nigel @hungryhalibut hits the nail on head. I can recall when I first put the XPS (non DR) on my CDX2. My first response was more analogue. I think you’ll find that adding an external PSU will make the impact other changes e.g. cables seem minimal.



To my ears an XPS DR really transforms the 272, and I would strongly recommend it despite the high price.
If you can’t manage a dedicated rack, at least try to put some distance between the 3 boxes, and try to plan it so that the cables are dressed properly. Not always easy, but it seems to matter quite a lot.


There’s one on Ebay for sale in Melbourne

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Hi, thanks for your thoughts, you’ve confirmed what I suspected. When I got the 272 and the 250 the plan was to get a XPS DR after a couple of years when I stopped appreciating what I had and it needed a boost, unfortunately my income has reduced in the last year (not complaining, worrying about a hifi purchase seems trivial with what is going on in the world at the moment) and I am in the position of do I purchase what I want or what I need. The one on Ebay in Melbourne has got me thinking and the itch is getting very itchy. I can get a new for a little bit more if I trade in some gear. And sometimes you think what is the point of working if you don’t treat your self every now and again.

I thought I would include a picture of my stand. It was made out of 40mm square steel for the frame and then it has 13 mm thick mdf for the shelves and it has adjustable feet. There are 200 mm between the shelves so it could breath and eventually gets some isolation stands/glass . I had some holes cut in the back of the shelves to feed the power, aerial and hdmi cables cables to keep them separate from the hifi cables. I am following the Vibration Isolation / Support for Glass with great interest.

Best wishes


Judging from the picture and without seeing the rest of the room, it seems very reflective. Did you consider e.g. a carpet at the first reflection point on the floor?

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In a nutshell the separation of power supply brings all of this and more! :grinning:

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I agree with Svetty here. A separate PSU is so much more than just a beefy PSU. Go on, treat yourself, it’s fantastic, i doubt very much you’ll regret it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does having a XPS DR help quench the desire to upgrade/“Climb the ladder”?

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Only meditation can do that


Yes! It’s all in the ‘DR’ :sunglasses:

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Hi, i’m in the exact same situation as you and just came on here to research this exact topic.

My two options are…

An NDX2 into the 272 preamp section, or an XPS DR the 272.

From my research, the 272 and NDX2 share the same DAC so it’s a bit of a head scratcher!

I only play cd using a CD5XS as transport into the 272 and Spotify. So in balance i “think” adding an XPS to my 272 would/may be my best option.

If you don’t mind me saying, you need a thick rug on the floor at least, as your room does look very reflective.
Good luck.

If you only use the streaming section of the 272 for Spotify I’d say that an NDX2 is a complete waste of money. If you want to get the best from either Naim streamer get a lossless subscription.


I tried TIDAL HI-FI twice, hated the interface and it’s suggested playlists, plus i had technical problems which i found out are quite common.
Plus no MQA!
I also thought TIDAL sounded too digital compared to Spotify.
Numbers mean nothing to me, it’s what sounds best to my taste and ears :+1:


I’ve also thought Spotify sound more analogue and more warm and Tidal more cold and digital. Strange but not alone then.

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Always trust your ear’s…

In my opinion, hi-res is the biggest white elephant in hifi history.


I was referring to lossy Spotify vs. lossless Tidal or Qobuz, not HiRes. To my ears there’s no comparison, much as I like the Spotify UI, to me it just sounds dull by comparison.


I assume you mean Tidal Hifi (Lossless CD). In this case, of course that could just be the mp3 artefacts. But if it’s preferred, why not

(If compared to Tidal lossy, which I think uses Ogg, the different compression algorithms may make that difference)