What first: PSU or new speakers?

Hi again!

Just got the 82/200 (and Linn Majik DS) some two weeks ago. First things first, as my topic suggests: When the time is right, add a psu or change speakers? My walls are plasterboard and the amount of furniture is moderate.

I really like my Focus 160 but I want to go back to floorstanders.

As for psu, I do not think a SC is within budget right now. That leaves me with HC, and the question is DR or non DR. And why, please.



In my experience, speakers can have the largest effect on the sound. I would audition some speakers that you think will work well before going for PSU.

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The traditional Linn / Naim upgrade path is source first, which includes the PSU.


Thanks. I am aware of the possible (likely) effect new speakers will have on the system. But I am fairly new to the psu stuff. Good to get opinions from experienced consumers :slightly_smiling_face:


What kind of HiCap would you suggest on my system?

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Source first generally, but what do you feel is lacking?

I’m also of the opinion that speakers are often considered too low in the chain as however good the source the output is constrained by the speaker but you have a pretty respectable pair of speakers - if you feel they are ‘too small’ to portray the scale of recordings in your listening room, this may be the reason you’re hankering for floor standers though you have to demo source and speakers ideally to see which has the greater impact.

Bang for buck, any HiCap is likely to bring more solidity to the sound, the DR models have a lower noise floor, however you may mind that a pre-owned standard HiCap may be quite synergistic with the 82.

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Have the 82/200 been serviced?

Hi Alley_Cat,

Thanks alot. I’ll answere your three responses here.

The plan to change speakers are partly due to the fact that I am close to a heart attack a few times a week (kids+standmounts). But I wouldn’t mind it anyways, I honestly think they look better. The sound of them should be as good, I believe. Depending on what kind of course. I really like the 160’s so a pair of 220’s or 260’s should do. But I’m open to different brands.

What is really the difference between the DR/ non DR HiCaps?

Yes, serviced amps.


Are your speaker stands weighted?

If not, doing so could have the following benefits:

  • greater stability to protect against kids
  • improved sound definition and tighter bass

Hi DiggyGun,

No I have yet to weight them. Valid point, tanks :slight_smile:


Weight may improve the sound, but it will do nothing to prevent kids from pushing the speakers off the stands. I would fix the speakers to the stands to prevent that.

Problem is they are really top heavy (stands + 160). So they might just as well fall over if being pushed. Has happened twice with my last pair (Focus 140).


The 82 is clearly better than the 202 so my following point might not apply to your setup. However, when I added a Hicap dr to the 202 I got a noticeable improvement in all areas. More music and an easier listen. The 82, I have never heard without Hicap dr, but, it’s to these ears, shockingly good with it.

If they are weighted, this should help them from being pushed over. You can can use sand, gravel, but I think that lead us heavier.

I see from their website that the stands have either rubber pads or spikes. In the past I have used Blu-Tak which is very good at securely fixing the speakers to the stand.

Yes, there’s no easy answer if the speakers are top heavy. Floorstanders may have a lower centre of gravity, but unless they are really big and heavy, with wide bases, they could still be pushed over, and many modern floorstanders are tall and thin.
Stands that can be filled with something very heavy might be just as effective.

Hi Lucifer (somewhat odd to to greet a figure like that, actually) :wink:

Interesting. I am in no doubt that a HiCap will have an effect. Question is what effect. But the general consensus seems to be «big improvement», so I will probably just get my hands on one, one day.

Can you in short terms give me a clue on what the difference(s) are between the DR VS the non DR?



I have used the Blu-Tak earlier. The Stand 3X has these small transparent «rubber pads» (in lack of better description) glued on to them, so the speakers stick relatively well.

I will look into weighting.


Well, the physics of the universe makes them top heavy when placed on hollow stands. But filling the stands will even that out a bit, I guess.

I used some Focal floorstanders with a pretty a wide base some years ago, and that felt more secure. The push needs more behind it to crack the speakers over.

Some filling for speaker stands is very heavy, such as lead shot, or maybe Atabites. Filling stands to half or two thirds height should lower the centre of gravity quite a bit. I would still want to screw the speakers to the stands though, I wouldn’t want to rely on BluTac.