What floorstanding speakers for SuperUniti?

The question : what floorstanding speakers would SuperUniti owners recommend for my situation?

In detail : After almost 30 years in hibernation I’m looking to upgrade my old system. We use it roughly 2/3 streaming, typically Radio Paradise, and 1/3 CDs, typically rock and eclectic (no RAP, no classical), and good bass is a priority.

I quite fancy a SuperUniti now I can get a good used one for less than £1,500. My wife saw Radio Paradise on the display screen of publicity shots and decided that’s fate. I’m now looking for floorstanding speakers to sit on one of the short walls of a 4m x 6m room with a small open arch on the opposite wall into a 4m x 4m room. My budget is restricted by common sense and value for money rather than having a set limit, and Initially I’m looking at used as I think I can get better value for money that way.

Currently I have some very old Morduant Short floorstanders downstairs and my divorce present from 10 years ago, Quad Q1 bookshelves and an MJ Reference 100 sub, in another room.

If I want to buy new my local outlet, a NAIM dealer, Richer Sounds, is only 4 miles away, but for various reasons I’d like to leave that as an option for later. As I’m quite happy to buy used, I spent a few happy hours seeing what eBay had near me (Redhill, Surrey) and looking up reviews without finding anything definitive. I searched here and found a few posts but nothing that grabbed me (eg Neat Motive SX2, but are these too cheap?) and passed by my wife (“you’re not getting any in black”).

My wife goes on looks alone, so she liked the light wood ones such as a pair of Audio Physik Libras (£850-£1,000, on the cheap side?) or some custom Wilmslow Floorstanding Speakers, Audionote wired, SEAS drivers (£1,150, but how do you value them? and they’re a long way to go for a test drive).

Thanks in advance for any interest and help.

Hi, I had a Superuniti for a few years, and I did enjoy it. After trying a couple of other larger floorstanders, I found that going for a smaller pair of Kudos X2 was a great match for the SU, and perhaps more importantly, my room. The problem is that unless you have the luxury of an extended home demo, you will never know if a speaker will work well in your room. So my advice if you buy used speakers would be to prepare yourself for the possibility that they may not work with your room acoustics, or suit your personal taste, and be prepared to sell them and try something else if you’re not happy with the way they sound.
By the way, I think Richer Sounds only sell the Atom and Muso, so they may not be the best dealer to help you with a wider range of Naim gear.

I’d be giving Qacoustic 3050i a try. They all work very well with Naim and punch above their weight. Whether you like them or not is another matter entirely but they are very compatible.

You’re right about Richer Sounds’ limited NAIM stock. I’m hoping that the staff will have dealt with the SuperUniti before or will have a wider knowledge. They’ve said before that I could bring in my own amp to try out on their speakers.

I use PMC twenty 24 and am very happy with the result. These speakers and the slightly smaller 20.23’s are still available at a good price. But what works for you maybe totally different due to your room and preference.

I suspect they may not be familiar with the Superuniti, but if they will allow you to take yours in to demo speakers, that will help.

QAcoustics Concept 40s are worth a try

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Even 3050, I actually preferred them over 3050i

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As @ChrisSU says I doubt Richer Sounds will have any knowledge/expertise in respect of your Superuniti.
If you check the old site archive lots of threads re speakers for Superuniti, if your’e going with second hand lots of choice, PMC, Proac, Kudos, Spendor etc . A lot of dealers use Ebay to shift their trade in gear, maybe a good place to look.
If looking at Richer Sounds in addition to the Q Acoustic speakers, which are good value for money, I would take a look at the Fyne Audio floor standers, excellent speakers at a good price.

tannoy revolution, easy to drive and sound very good to me and relatively cheap

use a pair of rega rx3`s, great match for my superuniti.

I agree with ChrisSU on the Kudo’s X2 which I currently power with a Superuniti. Regrettably, I am in a row dwelling so don’t get a chance to open them up as much as I would like…

I agree on the rega rx3`s, very detailed and good imaging.

Ovator 400 work great with my SU if you can find them s/h.

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