What giant killer speakers do you have attached to your NAP 250?

Isn’t it one of those where ‘a good big ‘un is always better than a good little ‘un’?

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Indeed! The trouble is a good big-un costs a lot more than a good little-un…

Unfortunately the “source first” doctrine steers people away from spending enough on the speakers to get a good big-un, so they either have to accept the limitations of a small speaker, or get a not so good bug-un… And a good little-un easily beats a big-un costing the same, but can never do thd bass that a good big-un can.

If course, there’s also medium-uns…

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Indeed on furniture. The bookshelf reference was more about the type of speaker than actually on a bookshelf.

How close to wall behind (min/max? Height of the furniture? Room dimensions?

ProAc Studio 140 mk2s with my 250DR. As stated in various spots on this forum, Naim and ProAc are a magical combination to many listeners. Any current model that fits your space should shine. I’d audition the Response 30Rs if choosing a floorstander — Tablette if relegated to the bookshelf. Good luck!

I have Focal 1028be with 250dr I’m very happy!

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I don’t know if they are giant killers, but my 250DR is connected to ATC SCM40 speakers. I’m happy with that.


SBL’s > no need to go anywhere else. Luckily we have a concrete floors and brick walls, utterly sublime, somebody should make them again.


I have heard several of the Boenicke range at my dealers, including the W5. They are deceptive because the small frontal area gives the impression of a tiny speaker but they are actually quite deep. The scale of the soundstage and punchy bass belies their size and they seem to portray the timbres of acoustic instruments and voices rather well. You can experiment with placement additionally, by swapping left and right speakers to fire the bass drivers outwards or inwards, depending on what works best for the room. Subjective I know, but I think they look great too.

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NEAT Petite 30’s, got them at same time as 250DR
Giant killers who knows (?) but the piano black finish is lovely

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Love your post and enthusiasm, apart from your last phrase. The King is dead, long live the King!

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Leaving aside the fact that they clearly don’t fit the OP’s request, there is someone who makes speakers that I understand are not dissimilar to the SL2, though of course that’s a bit different from SBL.: Look up Xulyde MD1 & MD3. Perhaps if there was enough interest, they’d consider making something like a modern version of the SBL…

Sorry ended up being afk a lot.

Thing is currently I have a space constraint but who knows what the not so distant future will bring. So that is why I mentioned giant killers. If the speakers can fit on the current furniture (approx half a meter tall and I’d say 40cm from the wall) and later can be fitted with stands in another setting it would be ideal.

I know the Boenicke can do that. But given their price that opens a lot of other options so want to try and make sure I buy the right thing now.

Guru Q10 ? if more funds were available and was not already littered with redundant systems, i’d to try one for myself.


I’ve got Dynaudio Heritage special hooked up on my 250DR. My room is 3,5x5m, not really big I would say. I really like what I hear.


Kudos S20A. Superb performance with NAP 250.2, NAP 250DR and now NAP 300DR. These are crouching tiger & hidden dragon beasts, much bigger than their boxes, at the same time quite forgiving to placement… True sweet-spot on Kudos price-to-value ladder, too.


Try the Vividaudio kaya range. My 250dr drives the kaya 45 in a small to medium room. A match made in heaven. Enjoy your search!

40cm to front or back of speakers? It the backs don’t have to be against the wall that puts a different slant on things.

To the back

By the way thanks for everyone who contributed to this thread. It certainly provided a grand spectrum of possibilities. Even the ones not suited to my environment are appreciated. And even if I end up going for the speakers I mention in the very first post this would have been worthwhile to help me determine if they are indeed the best options.