What happened to dealer training?

Just finished watching a YouTube video where a dealer built a New Classic system. It was a case study in how to NOT set up a Naim system. Backwards cables and the use of a power conditioner were just a few highlights of this video.

It begs me to wonder, what happened to Naim’s extensive dealer training? When I got into Naim in the 1990’s the dealer staff were highly trained in all of the nuances of setting up a system, some even traveled to Salisbury for additional training. They were experts and understood set-up was key to getting the most from a system.

The New Classic products are fantastic, but I am alarmed by dealers not equipped with the even the most basic understanding of setup, like cable direction. I guess anything goes now.


This has always been a problem.

Yeah, dealers aren’t as helpful as they used to be.



I would like fork handles :slight_smile:


Somehow, I am not surprised by this… Sadly.

Perhaps supply a link to the YouTube to @Richard.Dane for onward transmission to Naim HQ…?

Training costs money. But, you train to improve your business. Play the long game.

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Or some suitable text to leads us to it…?


Jason and Mark fly to dealers for training (after the Bristol show Mark was flying somewhere don’t remember where he said). Also the not so new dem room is dubbed the training room. So dealers come to Salisbury. When I was in the factory there was a weekly influx of dealers for training with Mark/Jason/Mike.
I guess 2020 like many things put a stop to that kind of thing but it’s definitely back up and running now.


Have just watched this YT video and thought exactly the same…not to mention it was stacked.

The best quote was at the end when he said “After putting it together I read through the user manual…”


Over the years of buying Naim, I felt as if I was training the dealer. I think in general here in States, it has always been somewhat of an issue, as Naim in general, wasn’t their “main” line, so many details unfortunately went by the wayside somewhat. Not an excuse of course, as any dealer should know their equipment regardless of make.

Of course there are, and was some really good dealers who obviously knew what was what with Naim systems, Promusica in Chicago, Tyler of Next Level AV, etc. It saddens me somewhat as to what used to be a very good service in NANA, and now, a lot is left to be desired here in the US.

Agreed. NANA (Naim Audio North America) was a great organization. They knew the brand and had the best customer service. Really a loss for Naim and the customers they took great care of. It’s never been the same since.


Naim in North America has been a mixed bag for me in recent years. My dealer is great and I have a good 30-yr relationship with them, but they are not a full service Naim dealer, and I don’t blame them for that. When I buy Naim gear I set it up myself. I know more about how to do that.

Dealing with Focal-Naim in North America has been a mixed bag. When the stupid collars broke on my HiLine they fixed it free of charge. That was a great experience. OTOH: when I wanted to audition a Superline it was like pulling teeth. They were completely unwilling to provide my dealer a unit for me unless the dealer bought it first, and there is literally almost no market for them here. I had to get Naim UK involved (with Richards’s help) before I was able to audition one, and I ended up getting scolded for my complaining about the whole experience in a FB private message with the [now ex-] Naim rep. That was a horrible experience, but I ended up buying the Superline, as well as a used SCDR with the requisite Burndy and a HiLine. Focal-Naim N.A. take note. Don’t treat your customers like crap. There are great alternatives.


Bummer… in the NANA days a demo unit was a phone call away or Chris Koster would personally visit your home and set it up.


Was that the guy that said if u want a turntable the phono plug is in the front …:eyes::eyes:

To be fair, that video shows general lack of hifi set up experience in general, not Naim specific training lack. I imagine that a lot of people, not just Naim users, see it and think, “Dear oh dear me. What a plonker.”


CES 2023. They need a training too. :grin:

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Found the YouTube video. If I were Naim I’d be demanding its removal. I guess this is where things have got to. So sad.

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Wow, that must have been for West Coast customers only! Got the usual “contact your (worthless) dealer” here on the east coast!

Let’s face it. For the most part here in the states we’re on our own with Naim. Unless we’re in a major market (NYC, Chicago, etc) we’re mostly on our own. My dealer is great to me and means well, but Naim just isn’t their focus, and that’s as much or more Naim’s fault as anyone.

Sure, but if you search out the first video mentioned, cable directionality, not stacking gear, demoing gear as-is (not adding a fancy mains conditioner for $?k from the get go), is just basic run of the mill hifi 101.

A lot of dealers in a lot of countries just don’t know anything.

The slippery slope here though is relationship. If the dealer is knowledgeable and trustworthy, I’ll go to them and pay full price. If my only dealer was the person in the video, I’d shop online based on who had the best discount. That’s not where any hifi manufacturer really wants to be.