What happened to dealer training?

The point of my post was that when I got into Naim Audio the dealer taught me everything. They were experts. There was so much to learn. It gave value to ownership.

Now I watch a YouTube video where some “bro” plugs the burndy cables in backwards and tells me how awesome it is. Its disrespectful to the engineers who make such an effort to make Naim different from the rest.

A chain is only as strong as the weakest link.


Naim should probably do their own videos for set up.


What would be super Cool if they had Richard do them and 110 db
Maybe in the demo room at HQ
A complete video on setting up systems to cable dressing / management and maintenance.

There ya go Richard you could include a copy in your up and coming Book of Naim ( in the works ? )


Not only in NA. I have spent more time educating my dealer and the distributor about Naim products and services than the other way round. Being told point blank something isn’t available or can’t be done, but knowing perfectly well it is/can. Then having to contact Naim directly so I can provide email confirmation of something they couldn’t be bothered checking themselves.

Naim do provide fairly comprehensive user manuals, including set up.

If a dealer is unable to read these then…

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I deal with so called tech professionals every day and 50% of my time is telling senior system admins to RTFM. They often come back with questions that are literally on the page I told them to read. So you’d be surprised.

One senior administrator asked how to do X? I told them to enter the command exactly as shown and gave and example.

“I don’t understand.”

I send a screenshot of the same command.

“don’t follow. What should I do?”

Honestly, you’d be amazed how dim a person can be yet rise the ranks. So this video surorises me not at all.

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Many reviewers don’t either…it’s obvious from some of the comments they make, even for the most expensive kit.

…and one often wonders how long the reviewers get with Naim kit, which we know can take a while to warm-up.

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