What happened to the Audiophilia Madnes thread?

The title says it all…

It had to be removed due to a potential copyright issue. Rules and terms have been updated.

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Well it was good while it lasted, I’m sure it will be mist.

Shame you couldn’t help but marvel at the people who would pay huge sums of money for cables that looked like a boa constrictor swallowing a rabbit and whether you could interest them in tickets for the Nigerian National Lottery (other lotteries are available)


True - many things that are vapourised are.


And reborn in other forms. “ The interesting hifi videos “ thread is in the hifi corner madness now.



I’ve won this - I have an e-mail which proves it :champagne:

…all I’ve got to do is send £500 to get access to my winnings.


Well done :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

The interesting videos thread disappeared also. The rules became more strict. I knew it will end soon however…
Too many rules kill the enjoyment. If it continues like this, naim forum will disappear like Linn forum.
I however don’t blame Richard, but Naim audio directory.

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I’m pretty sure your videos thread was doomed under forum rules that have remained consistent and largely unchanged over the years that the Naim forum has existed. Perhaps you need to read them a little more carefully.
Personally, I see little value in the endless reposting of clip-art and youtube videos, and find it a little tedious, albeit the content may sometimes be of interest, and if it continues to increase its presence on this forum as rapidly as it has done in the last few months, I think it’s more likely that this will sink the forum than any set of rules.


FR, if you would do your research first before posting a video, then it would make everybodys life a lot easier. If a video says that any embedding of the content requires the owners agreement, then you do not ignore that. Naim don’t wish to get into arguments over this kind of thing - it is your responsibility to ensure it is all above board and you have the owners permission before embedding any content that’s not your own here. Quite apart from that there is the long standing rules about posting commercial content in the Hifi Corner. Your video thread is only days old but already i have had to remove quite a number of videos that did not comply. It can’t continue like that.


Hear, hear. If people want to spend all day looking at pictures or videos of other people’s hifi then Mr Google is their friend and we really don’t need a human web scraper posting selections on here. I’m sure a few love watching videos but in my view it degrades and dumbs down the Forum. It’s not a personal blog for people to post an endless stream of stuff. The Forum was far better before it all started and I’d like to see an end to it.


I agree wholeheartedly.

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It’s very difficult honestly to predict which video will or will not satisfy the rules. Apart of course videos that clearly advertising their components.
Personally I posted some videos and still don’t understand why they were removed.
However it’s not a big deal. Just find that rules became more strict than before, my opinion of course.
Some members have also no interest in it, I can understand. These same persons will continue to criticize tweaks, fancy switches or other.
No problem too. We are all different.

You prefer to repeat indefinitely how good is the 272 / 555 ps. Each person looses it time as he wants.

The rules are unchanged. I followed one of the videos you made to its source and found the picture below. It should not be hard to understand why it is an issue.

If they are property of Av show rooms, why post them on the biggest public site. I don’t understand.

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Please show me the posts I’ve made saying this over the last six months.

In any event, making recommendations when appropriate can at least be useful, which is the point of the Forum.

Case closed .