What happened to the Audiophilia Madnes thread?

I don’t know why you’e directing so e of your posts at me- I hadn’t in any way challenged your threads m, or criticised them, or flagged them…

It was not directed to me? If not, your post is was a bit awkward. ( maladroit)

There’s an understanding of ‘fair use’ which basically allows people in forums, social media etc… to post content of others in their own posts so long as it’s not passed off as their own and is for comment or critique purposes. However, where somebody specifically states that anyone wishing to copy or embed their content should first seek permission to do so, then it could be argued that you should do so if you aren’t to in fringe on their automatic copyright. It was recently brought to Naims attention that there was content on the forum from some sites that specifically state this, and where permission was not sought.

A separate issue is content that infringes forum rules, usually because of commercial interest. This is as it has always been.

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Entirely agree, very easy to innocently breach the rules without malice accidentally (especially after a few glasses of wine as I did last night!), but it is what it is, and the moderation team make the decision to keep us all within the forum rules.

While I fully appreciate you may think some people aren’t posting supportive comments, the nature of online fora sometimes makes things seem rather blunt when they’re only being honest - if you and others then decide to argue on points of principle, which may be equally valid on all sides, it just doesn’t bring things to an amicable conclusion.

I have no right to determine if you have any genuine grievance with earlier comments, but debating these things to death does nothing for the community at large.

It’s the festive season, enjoy your family, system/music and life - life is far too short to worry about anything on the Naim forum.

Kind regards


Alley Cat, this thread concerns me, so it’s normal for me to respond. Specially if some comments have the taste of personal critics.
Perhaps the best would be to close this thread, I would have no reason to respond.
All that will not kill my enjoyment on listening to music or celebrating Christmas. However, personally, I hate Christmas time.

I can’t see it would be feasible currently, but while the ‘What are you listening to’ thread is an excellent pointer to new music, a fantastic feature would be to collate all the posts and list a top 500 albums in the thread ‘at a glance’ - yes the same familar ‘favourites’ you or I might dislike may well be in the top 20, but it would be a great resource for those looking for new music to try - don’t like Pink Floyd, then just skip down a few! As I said, hardly something easy to implement.

As Nick said recently, the thread « what are you listening… » easily pass on me.
Each his appreciation on the interest or not in a thread. Personally I can’t see anymore so many same albums being posted and posted . Too tiring to grab in all these repeating albums to discover one album among 100.

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That banana gaffa taped to a wall. This was all about all this. It was titled “playful plagiarism”
Played how original content is increasingly impossible these days

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Like this


OK, if you have strong concerns that you are being unfairly treated or bullied by others, please air those concerns for all to see so that they can formulate their own views, or try to contact the moderation team directly.

It would equally be within the moderators’ remit just to delete all of this as it does not reflect well generally on the community.

Sometimes I feel comments to some of my posts are critical, I don’t know for sure and may well be wrong - it is so easy to take honest direct comments as criticism on an intrenet forum, when they are simply objective.

One way or another we all enhance the Naim forum, your posts are enjoyed and welcome, those who disagree with specifics may say so but that’s their opinion, whether or not you or I agree with it.

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I think many of us simply post ‘what’s playing’ rather than new - a simple recipe for repetition!